The Baseball Journey of King Philip Little League’s Cameron Santerre – From Bristol to Rhode Island College

One of my favorite baseball towns in Rhode Island to visit and learn more about its baseball community is Bristol. Bristol is home to King Philip Little League and Veterans Park, which is definitely one of my favorite places to see a baseball game. Last summer, I witnessed an epic District All Star Game featuring KPLL vs Warren Little league. Right up the street (literally) is Guiteras Park, where the Mount Hope High School Huskies play. The King Philip Little League baseball community has always been great contributors to this page, emailing me photos, letting me know about Opening Day events, and sharing their baseball stories with me – so I can share them with you.

Recently, I got a very enthusiastic email from a very proud baseball parent, Cory Santerre. Cory introduced me to his son, Cameron, who has a local kid from Bristol who is now playing baseball for Rhode Island College. Cameron and I exchanged emails and he shared his baseball journey with me, along with some photos and where he will be playing summer collegiate baseball this year. Here is more from my email conversation with King Philip Little League’s Cameron Santerre.

Cameron, good morning.  Thanks again for agreeing to do this and continued success not only this summer but as you continue your academic and athletic journey at Rhode Island College.  Tell me a little bit about your Rhode Island baseball roots – Little League? AAU?  What was that experience like? 

  • My baseball roots began in Bristol RI playing for King Philip Little League. It’s where I met most of my childhood friends and grew a love for the game. I started playing baseball more competitively around 12 years old. I played AAU until I was out of high school mainly for the RI Prospects and New Bedford Bay Sox. Travel ball surrounded me with tons of talent year round and allowed me to compete with the best players around. 

If you would like to, name some of your baseball and life mentors who helped you along the way.

  • I was blessed to have great mentors on and off the field every step of the way, something I know most can’t say. I went to John Burke for hitting lessons from the time I first started playing and he was my hitting instructor through high school. He instilled a great baseline for me to be the player I am. Mike Pratt and Mike Mazzarella were my AAU and High school coaches. They both held everyone to the high standard in how we conducted ourselves, the effort put forth and introduced the IQ and mental aspect of the game to me. And my dad has always been my coach. He showed me right from wrong and his passion for my game keeps me motivated.

Did you grow up playing multiple sports or was baseball your sole focus athletically? 

  • I love to play basketball. I played all the way through high school. If I was blessed with a couple more inches in height I may have chosen to take the basketball path in college, but I decided to save my talents solely for Mens leagues in the future. Overall, I think the athleticism I needed to play basketball carried over in the way I play baseball. 

Were you a natural baseball talent, starting in your youth playing days, or did you have to work hard to be successful on the playing field?

  • A lot of my family members succeeded in baseball so I would think I got some abilities passed along to me. But obviously there’s work that has to be done to make use of them. 

What advice would you give a youth baseball player about working towards being the best all around baseball player they can be?

  • I would advise young players to try to make yourself as versatile as possible. A lot of kids make the mistake of labeling themselves as one position when they are young, and glue themselves to that spot their entire careers. The more spots you can play on the field, the easier it’ll be to find a role on any team. Trying out other sports can help. Becoming a complete athlete will probably lead to being versatile on the baseball field. 

Scout yourself, what type of player/hitter/fielder should fans expect when they see your name in the lineup and in the field?  Power hitter, base stealing threat, high on base percentage guy?

  • If someone were to come watch me play, they’d see the energy I bring to the game. I love to use my legs on the bases and in the outfield. At the plate I’m a contact guy naturally but I thank my dad for always trying to make me use my power and RIC has helped me develop that, too. 

You are from Mt. Hope High School here in RI and now attend Rhode Island College.  What was it about the RIC baseball program that convinced you to go there?

  • RIC is a program that has been heading in the right direction for the last few years since Holbrook arrived. I was told how the program is run and how we prepare to compete with some of the best competition there is every week in the LEC. I haven’t been disappointed. We lost a great senior class in 2021, but we gained a lot of talent and have the leadership to do damage in 2022. 

What is the summer baseball league you will be playing in and for what team?

  • I’ll be playing down in the Hamptons this summer for the Sag Harbor Whalers.

Do players register for summer leagues like the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League or are they recruited?  Can you tell me a little bit about the process of how you were selected?

  • Players are recruited for the league. I was lucky to start working on my swing with Jim Pereira over at Proway in Fall River last year. He runs the Hamptons League during the summer and introduced the idea of me playing there this year. Looking forward to seeing what life is like over there and facing some great competition.

Where can fans find you to follow your baseball journey?

  • Follow my Dad on Facebook haha. He claims to be my personal agent and never misses a beat on updating my season. (editor’s note: his Dad sent me the photos in the slideshow above) Or catch me on Instagram @csanterre2

Thanks to Cory and Cameron Santerre for the great photos and sharing your baseball journey with me. I wish you the very best this Spring at Rhode Island College and this summer in the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League. And here is how you can follow Cameron’s baseball journey this Spring and Summer:

Instagram – @csanterre2

Rhode Island College Baseball – Baseball Page

Sag Harbor Whalers – Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League home page

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