Are you a creative type that can doodle, write, play an instrument, who can then caption a moment in time with a beautiful mixture of all of your talents? Can you tell a funny, inspiring, creative story in 8 frames? Can you draw 8 frames of cartoon doodles that describe a night out in Newport? How about drop 8 frames of original photography and add hilarious content that tell the story of a funny thing that happened at a high school reunion. Are you the type to grab your guitar and rattle off 8 guitar riffs with 8 voiceover comments that tell the world how you made this excellent omelet yesterday morning. Do you enjoy compiling and producing an 8 frame film strip featuring original cinematography and original content. Cool, me too!!! Welcome to 8Unassisted, where the world of 8 framed short stories, films, songs, and life experiences exists. Here is are a few recent examples:

A Bunch of Gazing In Newport

Stay tuned for more 8Unassisted Stories featuring cartoons, guitar riffs, artwork, original photography and video and just the right amount of engaging content and commentary. Have a story idea for me to craft an 8Unassisted Story, or would you like to submit one for publication? Contact me via the form below:

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