What Is The Rhode Island Baseball Experience?

My name is Noel P. Roby. I was born and raised here in Rhode Island. And I love baseball with a passion like few I have ever met. I been involved with baseball for over 40 years, starting with the St. Bernard Saints T-Ball League through Little League, High School, briefly at Springfield College, and for several years in an Amateur League in Virginia. All the while, I worked as a freelance sports writer, focusing on baseball in MA and VA. Starting a full time career in the fitness equipment industry along with starting a family took me away from the game of baseball for a few years, basically until my children were old enough to play catch. Now, all three of my children have participated in Little League baseball and I have volunteered as a coach, manager, mentor, and information officer for over 10 years running. In addition, I started writing about baseball again through social media, blogging, and freelance writing on websites such as The Patch, Facebook, and then my own site, The RIBBE aka The Rhode Island Baseball Experience.

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I wrote, photographed, and published positive content for The Rhode Island Baseball Experience for the past 5 years. It was an amazing journey promoting the game of baseball here in the great state of Rhode Island for the entire baseball world to see. The RIBBE is positive stories, photos, videos, and responsible social media posts. The RIBBE was/is an information resource for families looking for an AAU team or a summer camp or a great place to buy a first baseman’s mitt. The RIBBE was/is a network of coaches, tournament directors, parents, leagues, and baseball junkies whose passion of the game of baseball is unquestioned. I always believed that providing expert analysis, information and directions to ballfields, and coaching advice from some of the top RI baseball minds helped/will help promote the game of baseball here in RI to a whole new level.

The Rhode Island Baseball Experience will remain a positive and engaging website for players, coaches, fans, and families. And with the help of so many, it became one of the most comprehensive resources for everything baseball here in Rhode Island.  All of my blog posts will be transferred to a new site called The Rhiter in 2023.  You can still search players, fields, tournaments, and all the Rhode Island Baseball news from the past 5 years on the new site.  It was an amazing 5 years of Rhode Island Baseball Experiences and I thank every single one of you for making it so special!


Noel P. Roby, aka The Rhode Island Baseball Experience, now simply – The Rhiter

RIBBE Baseball Collage


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