Help Wanted – ISO Fans To Vote On Best of Rhode Island Baseball Fields, Pitchers, Coaches, and Snack Shacks

Good morning everyone and welcome to the last week of 2021. Media outlets, social media pages, online newspapers, and everyone in between will be posting their top 10’s of 2021. So, I thought I would have a little fun with you the Rhode Island Baseball Community and invite you to participate in 21 questions for my 2021 Best of Rhode Island Baseball poll. You can send your responses direct via phone, email, social media or via this link:

Fans, this list can be any age, any level, anywhere in the State of Rhode Island. The only criteria is the player, the field, the organization has to have a Rhode Island connection. Some examples, you can vote for Player A from Westerly High School as the best catcher in the state or Player B as the best pitcher from Bryant University who is from Johnston, RI or Player C for the best hitter who plays for King Philip Little League out of Bristol. You can vote for the snack shack in Woonsocket or North Kingstown or Middletown. Who is the best coach in Rhode Island’s youth sports, AAU, travel, or the amateur ranks? What field do you look forward to going to every time you see it on the schedule, even if it is not your home baseball park?

So, let’s have some fun with this list. Will a player from Smithfield Little League beat out a collegiate student athlete for best pitcher? Will a small town field with no scoreboard beat out a million dollar big city field for best baseball field? Will a big time, big name Coach eek out a win over a little know hitting guru? All of the participating names and emails will be kept out of the results. I will be posting a similar poll on social media and will tally the results for the last post of the year on Friday, December 31st. Do not post anything negative or derogatory towards a player, coach, or field! Answer 1, Answer 10, Answer 21. Positive vibes and votes only, please and thank you.

So Rhode Island Baseball Fans, I ask you these 21 questions for my ’21 poll:

  1. Who is the best player in Rhode Island Baseball heading into 2022?
  2. Who is the best hitter in Rhode Island Baseball heading into 2022?
  3. Who is the best pitcher in Rhode Island Baseball heading into 2022?
  4. Who is the best catcher in Rhode Island Baseball heading into 2022?
  5. Who is the best overall fielder in Rhode Island Baseball heading into 2022?
  6. Who has made the most improvement from Spring to Summer to Fall that you have witnessed?
  7. What player would you absolutely pay any ticket price to watch them play baseball?
  8. What player showcased the most hustle that you witnessed in 2021?
  9. What coach would you gladly switch teams to play for?
  10. Who throws the best batting practice in Rhode Island Baseball?
  11. What coach looks like he/she could still play at a very high level of competition?
  12. Name a coach who inspired you or your team, regardless of your win/loss record?
  13. Who hit the most gigantic home run or hit that you witnessed live in 2021?
  14. Which field has the best pitcher’s mound in the state of Rhode Island?
  15. Who has the best team/organization name – can be any level of baseball.
  16. Which baseball field is the best maintained field – pitcher’s mound, infield, outfield, dugouts?
  17. Which baseball field serves the most delicious snacks (don’t have to be nutritious, just most delicious)?
  18. What baseball field in Rhode Island is the hardest to hit a home run out of?
  19. Home or away, what is the best baseball field in Rhode Island to catch a game?
  20. What fan base is the loudest at home or away games?
  21. If you could get one autograph from one player, coach, league president associated with Rhode Island Baseball, who would it be and why?

It was another amazing year of covering baseball here in Rhode Island. I met so many amazing people, travelled to new baseball fields and ball parks, learned more and more about the wonderful history of baseball here in Rhode Island. I can’t wait to write and share and publish more Rhode Island Baseball Experiences in 2022 for you, the baseball fan (like me)! Thanks to everyone (in advance) for participating in this 2021 Rhode Island Baseball 21 Questions Poll. Here are some other ways you can send in your votes:

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