The Weight Assisted Chin Dip Machine – What It Is and How It Works

I remember a time back in middle school when I couldn’t do a single pull-up.  I could hop up and grab the bar, no problem.  I could even use the momentum of hopping up and grabbing the bar to perform my first pull-up.  But then, gravity took over and as I lowered my body down from the bar, I would go down to the ground as if I had rocks in my shoes.  I always blamed my long arms but in reality, I just didn’t have a lot of strength in the muscles needed to perform a pull-up.  Muscles like my shoulders, chest, and biceps.


After graduating from Springfield College, I took a personal trainer job at a health club in the financial district in Boston.  At this health club, there was a machine which actually helped you through the process of performing a pull-up.  It was called a Weight Assisted Chin Dip machine.  This machine was designed to assist the user by means of a counter weight system.  It had pull-up arms as well as dip bars.  However, instead of the user lifting 100% of their own body weight as you typically would on a traditional pull-up bar or station, this weight assisted chin dip machine allowed you to select a percentage of your body weight to lift.  So, you could perform a pull-up exercise at a much lower overall intensity on a weight assisted chin dip machine due to the counter weight.  I would demonstrate it to my new clients by selecting a weight close to my own body weight, then performing a one handed pull-up.  A feat that I was definitely not capable of doing without the counter weight assistance of this machine. So, here is how the weight assisted chin dip machine works.


There are several types of weight assisted chin dip stations.  Some of them have a standing platform while others have a kneeling pad.  Essentially, the two styles function the same way except one is standing and the other is kneeling.  First, select a weight on the weight stack which meets your exercise level.  Each machine will have a selectorized weight stack with number plates going up to 150, 200, some even 300 lbs.  If you are a beginner or have never worked out or maybe have a weak upper body like I did, select a weight on the weight stack that is close to or at the bottom of the weight stack.  The counter weight system will assist you as you pull-up or perform a bar dip.  Next, step up to the standing platform or kneeling pad and grasp either the pull-up handles above you or the dip handles beside you.  Note, the standing platform or kneeling pad will drop with your weight added, so grab on tight to whichever bar you select.

bm-chin-dip2Next, perform the pull-up or bar dip exercise.   If the counter weight is working, you should be able to pull yourself up or perform a bar dip.  If you are still struggling to perform these exercises, select a weight closer to the bottom of the weight stack or ask a fitness professional to assist you.  As you get stronger, select less and less weight on the weight stack.  This means that you will be pulling and pushing more of your own body weight and uses the counter weight less to assist you.  What that means is that you are making progress and getting stronger.


Most weight assisted chin dip stations will have instructional placards to show you the exercises and the muscle groups involved.  Utilize the staff at your health club if you plan on using this machine for the first time.  Pull-ups and dips are great upper body strength training movements that work a lot of muscles.  And the movements are great to build strength for activities of daily life.  For more information on this machine and how it works, email me through this blog site or at

If you would like information on how to purchase a weight assisted chin dip machine, feel free to contact the North Kingstown Marketing Company at 401.583.7171



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