Nightly Entertainment For Guests At The Moon Palace

The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort offers so many activities for kids and adults – morning, noon, night, and late night.  One of the great family friendly activities is the nightly performances at one of the two entertainment stages on the resort.  There are a number of entertainment performances that Rachel and I were lucky to watch from our suite’s balcony, which was facing the entertainment stage in the Sunrise section of the resort.  There was also an entertainment stage at the Nizuc section of the resort.  I didn’t notice a stage at the Grand section of the resort, but there may have been one.


The performance and entertainment stages were equipped with tons of lighting, an amazing sound system, and plenty of seat options.  The entertainment hosts spoke both English and Spanish and were incredibly enthusiast throughout each performance.  The stage at the Sunrise section of the Moon Palace had outdoor couches as well as folding chairs.  Or, you could find a spot on one of the half walls which lined the walkways to and from the stage area.  Every night, the stage area was packed with families and couples ready for a great show.  Plus, there were nearby bars and eateries that were open in case you need a beverage or snack during the performance.  All this with the backdrop of the pools, beach, and the gorgeous landscape of the Moon Palace.


Each night around 8pm, the entertainment would begin.  The first night was karaoke, with some very spirited performers from the USA, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, and Brazil.  The next night was called the Urban show and it features some local breakdancing performers.  The Urban show was really cool and the music was incredible through the sound system.  Then, we had the Michael Jackson Experience, which featured some of the most popular songs and dance routines created by the late pop star.  The following night, a Disney inspired show featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse and a cast of Disney movie characters performed to a totally packed crowd.  The week rounded out with Grease and a Magic Show.

These nightly entertainment performances were really fun to be a part of.  Rachel and I caught a number of the performances from our balcony as well as down in the seating area.  The sound system was incredible and they had awesome house and pop music filling in the gaps while the performers were either coming on stage or leaving for a break.  The nightly hosts were energetic and definitely entertained the crowd with their humor and stage presence.   The walkways and exits were clearly marked and well lit.  There was always a great seat, especially if you got there early and grabbed one of the comfy outdoor couches.   The nightly entertainment packages – just another incredible feature of the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort.


The North Kingstown Marketing Company is proud to promote the Palace Resorts group.  Stay tuned for more articles about the resort, its incredible amenities, restaurants, and staff.  To find out more about the Palace Resorts in Mexico or Jamaica, please contact me for more information.


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