Saturday Afternoon RIMSBL 50+ Baseball Featuring Red Sox Vs Colt 45s

The Rhode Island Mens Senior Baseball League (RIMSBL) is in midst of another successful season here in 2022. RIMSBL has been playing competitive baseball games since the middle of May in its three age division – 30+, 40+, and 50+. And having been to a number of games over the past 4 years, these RIMSBL players are not just showing up and having a few laughs and walks down memory lane. These guys can still pitch, hit, hit with power, catch, run the bases, and amaze even the most casual baseball fan in the stands with a highlight reel play. I’ve seen it, I can bear witness to the fact that despite the age listed on their driver’s license or work badge, these RIMSBL players play 20 or 30 years younger than their actual age. And for that, I tip my cap to you the RIMSBL player.

This past week I was checking the RIMSBL calendar of games and found one at McCarthy Field on Saturday that peaked my interest. In the 50+ division, the Red Sox were facing the Colt 45s at noon. I messaged long time friend of the RIBBE Commissioner Frank Ribezzo for some more information on the game. Frank connected me with Steve Lallo (Colt 45s) and Jim Cooney (Red Sox) who emailed me their rosters for the games. It was a sunny, 80° Saturday so Rachel and I decided to take the short drive over to McCarthy Field in West Warwick for Colt 45s vs. Red Sox.

Before I get into the players, game, and some more photos, I have to mention that McCarthy Field looked amazing. The infield was groomed, baselines drawn, grass looked like it was recently mowed, and the outfield and infield grass was AS GREEN AS IRELAND. Like May 1st green, like high school championship week green, like someone in West Warwick knows a thing or two about landscaping green. Having peered out at my lawn for the summer and not seeing much green, this view of McCarthy Field and its beautiful green grass was a bit mesmerizing. Seriously, kudos to who or whomever works on that field and are you available in the North Kingstown area???

The RIMSBL 50+ Red Sox roster for Saturday’s game, courtesy of Jim Cooney featured: “Jeter Malagon (3B, P), Tim Malley (CF), Joe Rossi (LF), Rob Lalime (SS/P), Jose Martinez (1B/3B), Rich Pacino (1B/P), Rob Rachiele (P/2B/3B), Paul Clark (LF), Scott Owen (2B), Ed Schmitt (RF), Lance Oliviera (RF), Nelson Benitez (C), Scott Connolly (2B) (If injury allows), Jim Cooney (Manager/C/OF), John Tedder (Asst Manager/3B coach, 2B).” The Red Sox wore uniforms that you might see on the road or select home games for the Boston Red Sox (professional team) – blue jerseys with red “Red Sox” lettering, red socks, red stirrups, gray baseball pants. Great looking uniforms.

The RIMSBL 50+ Colt 45s roster for Saturday’s game, which sported orange tops and gray pants (looked sort of like the Houston Astros colors) courtesy of Steve Lallo featured: “

  • 1. Allen McLeod 2B
  • 2. David Balkcom LF
  • 3. Jim Navilliat 1B
  • 4. Gill Costa RF
  • 5. Tim Smith DH
  • 6. Steve Lallo SS
  • 7. Hiram Barber P
  • 8. Fred Mitchell CF
  • 9. Gary Vaspol 3B
  • 10. Jeff Cameron EH
  • 11. Joe Hughes C
  • 12. Mark Sousa EH

Rachel and I took a spot in the bleachers to the left of home plate and watched the game as baseball fans. No in between Top 40 music over the McCarthy Field PA system, no scoreboard lighting up with “H” or “E”, no donut eating contests, no worries. Two umpires, a warm summer day, two competitive teams, a newly landscaped and mint condition baseball field, and an official attendance at one point of four (as declared by the home plate umpire), and I was 100% satisfied with the entire scene at McCarthy Field. Both teams made routine plays in the infield – ground ball hit within the range of the fielder, scooped up and a strong and accurate throw to first base. Both teams caught balls in the outfield, some more challenging than others, but they were caught. Both teams pitched to contact – I saw maybe a walk or two and maybe a hit batter or two. Both teams put the ball in play – balls were hit all over the field, one split the CF and RF for a stand up double. As I stated earlier, these RIMSBL players are not just showing up with a beer and a hot dog and hanging out for the afternoon. They are playing the game of baseball, still at a very competitive and skilled level of play.

In between innings, I walked over to each dugout to meet the Managers who had sent me their lineups. Both Steve and Jim greeted me with warm handshakes and thanked me for coming to the game. I mentioned the hit batter earlier, the pitcher who hit him tipped his cap to the batter, the first baseman greeted the hit batter at first with a handshake. Players reaching base were greeted by the opposing team with a handshake or a fist pump. When batters recorded outs, they picked up their bat and jogged or briskly walked back to the dugout with a smile on their faces. Manager Cooney captioned the day for the teams when I spoke to him, “Sun is out, field looks good, hey its a great day to play baseball, huh?” I loved the positive vibe from both dugouts and the play on the field. I cheered for both teams all game long. Wouldn’t you?

Admittedly, I don’t typically keep score at baseball games I attend that I plan on writing about. There is so much going on in the game, around the field, in the stands that mean more to me than the score and Saturday was no exception. I turned to Rachel at one point to ask her if there was a score while I chased down one of the foul balls hit into the McCarthy Field parking lot, and she said the same thing. “Not sure, just enjoying the game.” The Red Sox and the Colt 45s played a very competitive game. The landscaping crew of McCarthy Field should be in the Rhode Island Landscaping Hall of Fame, if there is one. The weather was perfect for baseball and the attendance of four actually grew to a whopping 8 by the later innings. If you love baseball and want to see a competitive, entertaining game with no frills and a ton of good vibes, check out the RIMSBL before their season is over. I am so glad I did and respect the heck out of every single player in that league!!!

For more information on the Rhode Island Mens Senior Baseball League, head over to RIMSBL.

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