You Don’t Need To Ask Me Twice to Celebrate National Hat Day

Hats are a standard issue piece of equipment for baseball players of all ages. Hats serve so many useful purposes – marketing, blocking out the sun, keeping the hair out of your face, team building. According to the internet, which is never inaccurate (tongue in cheek), National Hat Day has been observed for almost 40 years now. Folks are supposed to wear a hat, take a selfie or photo of the hat, learn about its history, and so on. So, in honor of National Hat Day, here are a few beauties in my collection:

This hat has seen better days, but it its hay day it was my go to hat. It was a Father’s Day present and one that I wore proudly to baseball practices, family functions, out to dinner, to the beach, and so on. In recent years, my dogs decided to snack on it, so it has been put away for safe keeping. I love this hat for all that it represents because I love being a DAD!!!

2016 (then) Wickford Little League Urwin Tournament hat. This was a really fun team to manage and I had the honor of coaching with Gary Lamond, Gary Kim, and Pete Lindley that summer. We came in second to an outstanding Warwick Continental American team.

This is my Springfield College baseball hat that was given to me by Sam Gillen, a senior who was a phenomenal player and great ambassador of Springfield College. I recently wrote a blog about this hat, which you can find here. My Springfield College Baseball Cap And The Legend Who Handed It To Me

If you have seen me at baseball fields, facilities, or around North Kingstown, you will have most likely seen me in this hat. It is current favorite trucker hat to wear on weekends and in the pool and at the baseball field. The stitching is starting to come apart on the Fenway logo, so I may be looking for its replacement this summer. Stay tuned.

These hats are special because they were all worn by my sons when they played youth baseball. Wickford Little League is now North Kingstown Wickford Little League. The “W” has been replaced with “NKW” on the hats. Style wise, the goal for the NKW hats was to mirror the colors from North Kingstown High School, which I am familiar with. Here is my hat from my NKHS days:

Even my dog, Rookie, loves wearing hats. Just look at the joy on his face wearing my Fenway hat. My other dog, Nora, is giving him a kiss and approving of his choice of hats.

Happy National Hat Day everyone. Wear your hat with pride!!!

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