Day 1 – The RIBBE Visits Little Compton and Tiverton Little League Fields

Day 1 of my Rhode Island Baseball Field Bike Relay Ride was a blast. Rachel and I traveled over to Little Compton via car, on 95 North, then 195 East, then 24 South, then 81 to Adamsville, RI. Adamsville Field is home to the Little Compton Little League field and is one of the most unique baseball experiences in all of Rhode Island baseball. I parked in the parking lot across the street, which supports several local businesses including The Barn, a quaint breakfast spot that you really have to try out if you are in the Little Compton area.

The Adamsville Field did not disappoint. I just love the stone walls that make up the outfield perimeter. The dugouts consist of a wooden bench for the visitors and one for the home team. The leaves had started to fall on the field and you could feel fall knocking on the door yesterday morning. I took a few photos from around the field and then jogged out to centerfield to get a fielder’s view. Rachel helped me with a few videos, which I will be posting to social media and my RIBBE YouTube page – The Rhode Island Baseball Experience.

I am really excited about an idea that popped in my head as I was preparing to do this relay ride. One of my favorite plays to watch (at any level) is the relay throw from the outfield to an infielder to another infielder or the catcher to nab a baserunner. So, in the spirit of the relay throw, I am planning on doing my own relay throw from field to field to field, until I have completed a relay throw (and catch) at every field I visit.

From Little Compton, I hopped on my bike and headed west to Tiverton Little League. It was a short ride, only about 4.5 miles on paper. However, I took a right when I should have taken a left along the way, so I actually logged about 7 miles. Not complaining, as I got to see beautiful horse farms, gardens with gorgeous wildflowers, and meet some nice construction workers who clued me in on the right way to go to Tiverton Four Corners. It was hilly and a bit windy but I loved the ride.

Tiverton’s Little League complex is located off Route 77 and features two fields, a huge recreational area for multiple sports, batting cages, and plenty of parking. As I was filming and taking photos, there were people jogging and exercising around the walking path, which surrounds the recreational facility. The field was in great shape and 2 L-screens were on the field, meaning practices were taking place and baseball knowledge was being handed down from coaches to kids. The outfield fences were adorned with tons of great local sponsors who support youth sports in the Tiverton area. Great field, great facility, great commitment by the Tiverton community to promote recreational services.

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The RIBBE is The Rhode Island Baseball Experience. It is promoting the game of baseball here in the great state of Rhode Island for the entire baseball world to see. The RIBBE is positive stories, photos, videos, and responsible social media posts. The RIBBE is an information resource for families looking for an AAU team or a summer camp or a great place to buy a first baseman’s mitt. The RIBBE is a network of coaches, tournament directors, parents, leagues, and baseball junkies whose passion of the game of baseball is unquestioned. I believe that providing expert analysis, information and directions to ballfields, and coaching advice from some of the top RI baseball minds will help promote the game of baseball here in RI to a whole new level.

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