My Visit to Pawtucket’s ATC Baseball And Conditioning Facility

This summer, I received an email from Coach Bobby Rodericks of ATC Baseball Facility in Pawtucket.  ATC stands for “Athletes Turn Champions.”  ATC is a baseball and sports conditioning facility located just off Main St. in Pawtucket.  This area of Pawtucket is seeing a huge revitalization with the abandoned mills and factories, as a wide range of businesses such as ATC are occupying once vacant space.  There was plenty of parking when I arrived around 6pm and Coach Rodericks mentioned that there is an additional parking lot available if need be.

atc trainatc train6

This baseball and conditioning facility spanned the entire basement of this particular building.  I was shocked at how much space ATC took up.  I can envision entire teams getting together to practice in this facility at the same time in different parts of the facility.  As you enter the main area, there are 5 lanes or batting cages with retractable netting for hitting, pitching, and drills.  Retract the nets and you have space for infield drills, baserunning exercises, and more.  A private lesson in a batting cage was taking place as another team was working with a coach on fielding.  Again, enough space to accommodate one individual or large groups of baseball players.

atc train4

As Coach Rodericks walked me through the mostly natural turfed facility, he showed me several fitness and conditioning areas.  One area was geared towards wrestling (Coach Rodericks has a wrestling background in addition to baseball) and the other was a general fitness area.  The general fitness area had strength training machines, cardio machines, free weights, and just about anything you would need to run a strength and conditioning class.  Coach Rodericks keeps an office in the back of the fitness center, equipped with desks, computers, and a lounge.

“A lot of high school kids train here,” Coach Rodericks told me.  “Since 2013, we have had 4 1st Team All Staters and several 2nd Team members.  We have also had our share of athletes who worked out here who are now playing professional baseball.  Pretty exciting to be honest.”  The facility is open most days 3pm to 9pm.  There are special rates and discounts for early bird hours from 3 to 6.  Memberships are available upon request.  Private coaching is available upon request.

atc train3atc train5

Coach Rodericks is the head baseball coach at East Providence High School.  He is also a coach with the ATC Wolves, an AAU baseball travel team.  Coach Rodericks played HS baseball at East Providence and went on to play at Rhode Island College.  He has a ton of baseball experience and a youthful enthusiasm for the game of baseball.   Coach Rodericks is excited to teach baseball and help kids learn the game’s many skills.  I was really impressed with the space and the many, many baseball cages at ATC.  The facility was well lit, clean, and the sound of the ball hitting the bat resonated throughout the building.  There was a youth baseball player hitting line drive after line drive in the cage, there were young players learning fielding drills, and there was just a very positive feel throughout ATC.

For more information on ATC, contact Coach Bobby Rodericks:

Email –

Phone – 401-575-3208

Facebook – ATC Wolves Baseball


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