The BodyCraft SpaceWalker – A Creative Approach to Fitness

When people ask me “What is the most popular piece of fitness equipment?” I answer, without a doubt, a treadmill.  Walking is the most natural form of exercise.  We do it everyday – at school, from job to job, in the city or in the suburbs.  So, for a novice exerciser or someone that has been sedentary for awhile, walking on a treadmill is a great exercise option.  Treadmills are used for conditioning the heart and lungs and to help strengthen the legs and core muscles of the body.  There are a ton of great manufacturers with a wide range of prices, features, and size.  But there is one treadmill that really caught my eye on a recent visit to Frontline Fitness in Warwick.  And that treadmill is the amazing, compact, folding, very attractive treadmill called the Bodycraft SpaceWalker.

The BodyCraft SpaceWalker

One of Frontline’s salespeople, a good friend of mine Jack, showed me the BodyCraft SpaceWalker and all its cool features.  First off, it is a space saver’s dream.  The folded dimensions are just 11″ X 22″ X 45″.  That’s roughly the size of your average workout bench or coffee table.  This treadmill’s frame can be used as a workout bench or a piece of furniture in a small apartment or office setting.  It is a folding treadmill with transport wheels, so if you need to move it around your apartment, office, or home you can do so with ease.  It weights less than 90 lbs.  Honestly, I was able to move it with ease.  I saw a YouTube video with someone putting it in and out of a closet.  Great compact, very stylish design.

The SpaceWalker can be used as a bench or piece of furniture.

So, with the SpaceWalker in the upright position, Jack showed me the ease of “un-folding” the treadmill.  The treadmill deck comes from the locked upright position down to the floor.  The top of the SpaceWalker features a console which shows the basics of treadmill operation – time, distance, speed, calories, pulse.  There are push button controls.  The top of the frame has an oversize surface so you can place a tablet or laptop comfortably.  So, if you are working out at the office, in your dorm, or in your home gym and want to use your tablet or laptop you can do so with ease.  There is even a cup holder built into the frame.  Very innovative design with the busy professional, student, parent in mind.

The easy to use and easy to operate console area.

Next, Jack got the treadmill going for me.  I was curious to see how the machine operated and I was impressed with the ease of operation and how well it worked.  This Bodycraft SpaceWalker goes up to 4.0 mph in .5 mph increments.  This is an ideal speed for most walkers.  Sorry runners, the maximum speed on the SpaceWalker is 4.0.  There are heart rate sensors located on the handlebars, which will give you an accurate heart rate reading.  Jack got on the treadmill at various speeds, which move in .5 increments.  The frame was solid, the motor sounded good. I was blown away by the operation of this SpaceWalker.

If you are struggling to get to the gym to use a treadmill or don’t want to run/walk outside due to weather or you have space restraints, there is a solution.  The BodyCraft SpaceWalker is a compact treadmill that folds up for storage and un-folds for performance.  It has a sleek, innovative design which allows it to be used as a workout bench or piece of furniture.  The SpaceWalker can be used for stress relief at work or at home. Cardio workouts on treadmills are great for burning calories too.  This BodyCraft SpaceWalker is a great workout option for a very reasonable price.

To learn more about the BodyCraft SpaceWalker, go see my friends at Frontline Fitness in Warwick.  You can call Jack at 401-921-3200 to learn more about pricing, features, and availability.




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