Local Ping Pong Charity Event To Support Boston Children’s Hospital

Living in New England, we are blessed to have so many incredible resources for medical care. Boston, MA has consistently been one of the top areas in not only New England but the entire country when it comes to top medical facilities. And Boston Children’s Hospital is one of the best hospitals for care for children in need of medical care. My family and I should know. I spent a good part of my childhood battling bone disorders in my lower legs with the help of a team of doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital. Their excellence and dedication helped me get through some very tough times physically.

I recently learned that a senior at North Kingstown High School, Nick Piccirilli, is promoting an fundraiser event to support the efforts of Boston Children’s Hospital. As I am a very appreciative former patient of Boston Children’s Hospital, I wanted to learn more about the event and how I could help promote it. Here is an excerpt from an email conversation I had with graduating senior, Nick Piccirilli.
ping pong

Hey Nick, great to meet you. So, what are the particulars of the event – time, place, who is allowed to participate?
My event is in the cafeteria at North Kingstown High School on March 11th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and is opened to anyone in the community who enjoys playing ping pong.

What was it about this particular charity that drew your interest?
I choose to host a fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital because my cousin had a heart condition when he was born and was treated at this hospital, and is now living a normal, healthy life as a young kid.

Why a ping pong tournament? Do you play? Are you good?
I choose to host a ping pong tournament because I thought it would be a fun activity that anyone could play. I play a little bit as a hobby, but I am not very good at ping pong.
BCH logo
Where can people reach you if they are interested in signing up or donating to your fundraiser?
I registered at Boston Children’s Hospital and they gave me a website that I could use to promote my event on social media for people to reach me. Also, high school students can reach me on a google classroom document that Ms. Holcroft is setting up for me with a flyer of the information for the event.

Once again, the Ping Pong Fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital will be held Saturday, March 11th from 4 – 7 pm at the North Kingstown High School Cafeteria. Best of luck with your fundraiser Nick and great cause to support!!!


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