The BoxMaster® By Star Trac – A Workout You Have To Try

Being in the commercial fitness industry over the past 20 years, I have witnessed a wide range of machines that are sports specific.  Cross country ski machines were in every gym in the late 1980’s to 1990’s.  Functional training machines come with golf attachments, baseball bat attachments, even tennis racquet attachments to help simulate the swing of certain sports.  And just the other day, I was introduced to a fantastic machine that the fitness world of fitness, boxing, and mixed martial arts should definitely check out.  The machine is called the BoxMaster® by Star Trac.


I was introduced to the BoxMaster® through a local Star Trac representative, Lou Argenzio, who is the New England Territory Manager at Core Health & Fitness.  Core Health represents Star Trac, Nautilus, Schwinn, and Stairmaster products and provides commercial fitness solutions for schools, health clubs, universities, and other commercial settings.  This boxing and fitness workout was on display at recent fitness and education conference just north of Boston and I was immediately impressed by its look and versatility.


The BoxMaster® by Star Trac I tried is the Quad version .  There are four towers bolted to a heavy duty base.  A top brace is also used to secure the quad pieces in place.  Each tower has targets with numbers and various sizes.  These targets are angled to fit the demands of a boxing workout.  The targets can be hit, struck, punched and are responsive and spring back.  On this particular quad version, one of the towers had a kick pad at the base of the tower. A trainer, working a client through a program, can call out a series of numbers for the client or boxer.  The numbers, for example, represent different combinations and punch sequences.  The tower is adjustable for height to accommodate a user from about 5 feet to almost 7 feet in height.  And, once you select a setting, there are threaded locking pins which help keep the tower secure.


I really liked the stability and style of this BoxMaster®.  The targets have black and red padding with white numbering.  Each section/tower weights about 250 lbs and is made to last in a full commercial setting.  The entire Quad weighs in at around 1300 lbs. with the base and 4 towers.  The footprint is really compact at roughly 6 feet by 6 feet of floor space.  Of course, you will need functional space around the machine for workout purposes.  The towers adjust up and down via a pull pin and piston with ease.  I was able to adjust the tower from the lowest setting to the highest setting by myself.  There are a number of YouTube videos from other conferences which show how this BoxMaster® can be used by boxing professionals, personal trainers, and club owners.

This BoxMaster® by Star Trac is a great workout option for any health club, school, even boxing specific fitness center.  The fact that it takes up very little floor space and you can workout one, two, even four people at once is fantastic.  The targets and numbers give the trainer and client a clear path to communication during the training session.  It is a heavy duty piece of commercial fitness equipment that I am very impressed with.  Boxing workouts are some of the best strength and conditioning workouts you can do.  And with this BoxMaster®, you will jab, combo, and punch your way to a healthier you.

To learn more about the BoxMaster® by Star Trac, contact your local Core Health and Fitness representative.  In New England, contact Lou Argenzio via email at



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