Our Room At the Moon Palace With The Postcard View

After being so graciously welcomed from the transportation team, the bellhops, the lobby attendants, and just about anyone with a Palace Resorts name tag, Rachel and I headed up to our room at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort.   The Moon Palace has three separate lobbies or sections for guest accommodations (Sunrise, Nizuc, and Grand) along with the 27 hole golf course, recreation facilities, pools, and beach area.  All of these incredible amenities make up this massive and awe inspiring resort location.  Each lobby or section had its own unique restaurants, pools, amenities, and suites for you and your family.  My aunt, who has been a member with the Palace Resorts group since the late 1990’s, booked us a Jacuzzi suite in the Sunrise section of the Moon Palace.


From the second we entered the room, the beautiful smell of cleanliness was omnipresent.  The suite was laid out in a comfortable manner with plenty of room to walk around.  Rachel felt that it had a very positive fung shui.  The room was absolutely immaculate.  Comfortable A/C which we could adjust to our liking.  Marble floors throughout with soft lighting and just the perfect compliments of artwork and decorations.  The bathroom was well stocked with soft towels, slippers, and bathrobes all with the Palace Resorts logo prominently displayed.  Walk in shower with the large rain shower head.  Back in the living room area, the suite’s refrigerator was stocked with water, soda, Corona beer, Budweiser all chilled and ready to be gulped, sipped or whatever you were in the mood for.  On the left of the refrigerator, there was a liquor dispenser with top shelf liquor ready to be dropped into awaiting glass.  Oh, by the way, the staff restocks the refrigerator every day or if by chance you run out of anything.  And the staff comes by in the morning and at night to see if you need anything – towels, water, beer, wine, slippers, shower soap – all as part of your stay at the Moon Palace and Palace Resorts.


A complimentary bottle of wine was sitting on the end table in front of the balcony doors with two glasses.  Just one of the amazing personal touches the Palace Resorts staff does without a moment’s thought.  On the wall facing the balcony opposite this round table was the suite’s Jacuzzi bathtub.  On the bathtub, there were plenty of towels, slippers, and bubble bath.  This suite just invites you to relax and let the stress of your busy life just melt away.


The balcony doors of our suite swung open to reveal a picturesque view of the resort.  Off in the distance, we could see the Caribbean Sea and the beach area.  A bit closer in our viewpoint was a walkway to one of the entertainment stages at the Moon Palace, where they have nightly entertainment such as the Michael Jackson Experience, Magic Show, and Grease.  On the balcony, a set of rattan chairs along with a rattan table and, my personal favorite, a hammock awaited us.  Our first night, we sat on the balcony to watch the night’s entertainment, a very spirited karaoke session with visitors from the US, Ireland, Germany, and Mexico singing to the best of their abilities.  The hammock provided the perfect seat to soak it all in.

Back inside the room, there was Wi-Fi wireless internet, HD cable TV in English and Spanish, a phone to connect you to hotel staff and home if you need it, and a binder about the resort.  This binder was great.  It showed us where the restaurants were and what they served.  It let us know about signing up for golf lessons or to book a massage.  It was a road map to the resort, its services, and how you can make the most out of your stay.  The binder was in English and Spanish and had colorful photos and easy to read print.


Honestly, walking into our suite, checking out the amenities, the view, the refrigerator, the Jacuzzi was just the most incredible feeling.  Every detail, large and small, in our suite was carefully planned and executed to the highest level to ensure our highest possibly customer satisfaction.  The cleanliness could be felt by all of our senses – the fresh smells of clean linen, the softness of the fluffy towels, the room so quiet you could hear the tiny motor on the refrigerator, the mirrors and windows squeaky clean so you could view the beauty and wonder of the resort.  And our suite was consistent with the Palace Resorts philosophy of making the visitor feel so special and welcome.  We felt safe, welcome, and the stress just melted away.

The North Kingstown Marketing Company is proud to promote the Palace Resorts group.  Stay tuned for more articles about the resort, its incredible amenities, restaurants, and staff.  To find out more about the Palace Resorts in Mexico or Jamaica, please contact me for more information.


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