The Total Gym Gravity Training System – 200 Exercises In One Machine

What most people perceive as strength training exercises in the fitness industry has definitely evolved over the past 50 years.  Some people think of strength training as Olympic plates on a long bar pressed over your head.  Or perhaps pulling a wide bar downward, which has a cable attached to it connected to a weight stack.  Or, sitting in a leg sled and pushing a weighted carriage up on a 45 degree angle working your legs.  Or, flipping a truck tire or doing pull-ups or lunges.  All these people would be correct – these are all strength training exercises.  Done correctly, all of these exercises have significant benefits to your body’s musculoskeletal systems.   Improving posture, enhancing flexibility, and providing stability in the body are all identifiable benefits of strength training exercises and machines.


One machine that has incredible strength training benefits is the Total Gym Gravity Training System or GTS.  This is one of my favorite strength training exercises machines to sell because it has incredible strength benefits, it is compact, and is relatively easy to use.  The GTS folds up to a very compact footprint of about 2 feet by 3 feet.   Unfolded, you will need some space for optimal use – the unfolded dimensions are 8 feet by 3 feet.  There are adjustment pins and rollers to help fold and unfold the GTS.  You can fold and unfold the machine by yourself, although a helper is always useful the first few times.  Once unfolded, the tower should stand straight up and down with the track set at a slight angle.


So, what are the exercises on the Total Gym GTS Gravity Training System?  The Total Gym website suggests that over 200 exercises can be performed on this machine.  All of the exercises are performed with a cable and pulley system on the sliding track.  The sliding track can be adjusted for height on the stationary tower, which helps create different angles and thus different exercises.  The adjustment is easy, simply lift the track mechanism up or down and re-slot it so it sits into the tower.  For example, an incline chest press can be performed at one angle and then the track can be lowered or raised to hit the chest muscles at different angles.   By changing your body position, you can create exercises such as rows, torso rotations, leg squats, and arm curls.  All on one machine, which takes up about the same space as a treadmill or piece of furniture like a couch.


Most Total Gym GTS Gravity Training Systems come with machine attachments.  The one I am selling on ebay has the fixed or jump platform at the base of the machine.  It also comes with the curved fixed bar which you can use for abdominal work, such as leg lifts and abdominal crunches.  There is a locking roller pad under the sliding track for additional leg and core exercises.  Each system works off a pulley and cable system against your body weight.  There are no plates, weight stacks, magnetic devices, switches, or other electronics – just your body weight and the two handles.  You can adjust the tower to make the exercises easier or harder, based on your current level of fitness.  This GTS machine is a strength training unit that athletes of all abilities can use.


I am currently selling a used Total Gym GTS Gravity Training System on my ebay store for $1595 or best offer.  If you have any questions on this item or would like to see additional photos of the unit, click this link to go to my ebay store – Total Gym GTS Gravity Training System.  This unit is in good, functional condition and is in ready to condition.  It is commercially built for a gym and durable for a personal training studio or busy home gym setting.  Contact me via the North Kingstown Marketing Company to learn more or fill out this contact form and I will get back to you.


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