How to Successfully Sell Vinyl Records on Ebay

Read on to find out how to successfully sell vinyl records on eBay

I recently took in a large consignment of vinyl records for my ebay store, The NK Marketing Store.  Personally,  I am a huge fan of vinyl records.  I love the album covers, the sound of the needle when it hits the vinyl, the whole experience of sitting and listening to music recorded in a traditional format.  The vinyl record craze has hit new heights in the past few years and a lot of people are asking me about the value of their vinyl on e-commerce sites like ebay.  So, here are a few things to know about selling vinyl on ebay.


Be realistic about the pricing.  Just because the vinyl record industry is booming, does not necessarily equate to all records.  There are some great pricing resources online to determine the value of your album.  If you have a rare copy of an artist or album, the internet will let you know.  Verify this with multiple sources to make sure the information is accurate.  Don’t just use one internet site or one ebay listing as your pricing barometer.  I like using the auction format on ebay for vinyl that I’m not 100% sure of the value.


Gather some “intel” on the album.  Ebay is going to help with category specifics so your album gets put in the correct search listings.  For example, ebay’s main category is simply “Records”.  Then, you can enter the artist or album title, which ebay has thousands of saved profiles for.  If you don’t find yours, go to the next step.  After entering the title, enter the condition – new or used.  Be sure to enter used, even if you only played the album once.  Then, simply answer the prompts ebay has provided – genre of music, speed (45, 33), record size, duration.  Then, you get to the technical stuff which is record and sleeve grading.  If you don’t know the exact grading, I would recommend asking a professional.  A serious collector will be critical of the grading and will not be too happy to pay for an excellent graded vinyl record and receive a good or fair graded vinyl record.  Do not make embellish the grading, this makes for the potential of a return or negative feedback rating. Enter the record label, year of release, and any other attributes that describe the vinyl record – special edition, numbered, etc.

Take detailed photos of the album, the album sleeve, the album jacket, any imperfections, any special manufacturer’s marks, anything that will help it stand out.  Photos are going to help sell this record on ebay for you.  You can use up to 12 photos per listing.


Make the description count.  List the songs, the artist, the record label. This is all good search engine work to help boost the rating of your listing.  Be descriptive of any imperfections on the jacket, whether the album sleeve is missing or torn.  Add any special details like award nominations or guest artists on the album.  You can use the description section to help add keywords to help get your album sold at a higher rate.


For more help on selling vinyl on ebay, check out my store, The NK Marketing Store.  I have a number of vinyl records listed and more to follow.  If you would like to contact me, fill in the form below and I will get back to you with some additional help.



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