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The skin care industry is a billion dollar plus industry worldwide.  Quick fix products line the shelves of major grocery stores, pharmacies, and beauty salons.  Pop up salons offer drive thru quality skin care and service, not exactly where your skin care needs.  Home remedies for wrinkles, acne, and rosacea promise the user the world and more often than not, provide little or no solutions.  So where can you turn to for knowledge and answers to skin care problems and get your skin looking healthy and beautiful?

I was recently at the Hive in North Kingstown and heard about a business that sounded like the place to go for skin care here in Southern RI.  That same day, I had another business owner in North Kingstown mention the same business, Amanda Grant Skin Care.  So, I reached out to Amanda Grant of Amanda Grant Skin Care and got quite an education.  Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

How long have you been in the business of skin care and aesthetics?

I have been practicing aesthetics for 18 years. I worked as primarily a spa aesthetician for Norwich Inn and Spa in CT,Red Door Spa as well as an Aveda Spa. Before going out on my own, I spent the last 2 years of my career working for a physician in a medical spa. The industry has gotten away from caring for the health, wellness and proper maintenance of the skin by providing quick, ineffective, invasive(not to mention expensive) and quite honestly, abusive skin treatments.


So, based on the industry as a whole, how is Amanda Grant different in your approach?

I myself have always had a no nonsense, holistic approach in treating my guests conditions,and they work. Fillers, peels, lasers, needling and purposely injuring the skin’s epidermal mantle ultimately result in very temporary results that permanently cause the skin to lose its ability to properly and naturally function on its own.

How about what you offer the client that other skin care businesses seem to lack?

I would say the one constant I often hear is that a guest leaves feeling like they were the only guest I worked with that day. I allow the proper amount of time between guests, as no one will ever have to wait for their service. My room is ready for them and they have my undivided attention during that time.  The biggest complaints I have heard over the years are:

  • The guest felt rushed.
  • They were constantly listening to the technician talk about product.
  • They didn’t receive enough attention or didn’t receive a massage during the facial.

When I hear these things, I make it my priority to change their perception on the true art of a facial that delivers results.  I am a bit disgruntled that the massage has become a lost art in the protocol of a facial. The massage is the KEY!  Anyone can put product on themselves at home and rinse it off. There is a significant difference between having someone on your table and washing their face for them and actually performing a facial. The massage movements, combining both proper effleurage and petrassage, as well as proper pressure, stimulate circulation and collagen production, exercise facial tissue, and “lift” the skin’s epidermis. I also provide facial shiatsu and acupressure during the massage for further relaxation and experience. Most of my guests sleep during this part of treatment, as we have properly discussed any issues,concerns or product changes that they may need to make. My “discussions” are really education for my guest and I choose to do this in the early stage of the facial so they may completely “check out” for a while. If someone is looking for a short term, expensive, quick fix that doesn’t require honesty, I AM NOT their girl. If they do however, want integrity, trust, compassion, total pampering and safe results that benefit the skin LONG term, I AM their girl! I have an enormous passion for my work, my guests, and the results we achieve, as a team. My goal is a happy guest who has experienced both relaxation with results.  Anyone who walks through my door, always returns and a relationship of trust, as well as integrity grows. Which in turn helps me grow as a professional and a person. Again, I can’t say enough about how much I love what I do or the relationships that develop.  I do know many have referred to it as serendipitous or magical. Either way, The energy is always flowing positively!

Everyone is looking for that magic pill or lotion in terms of the anti-aging solution.  What’s your take on that?

The key to anti aging is allowing the skin to be able to turn over the inactive cells(a 30 day cycle), produce collagen through proper stimulation, keep a proper Ph balance and function ON IT’s OWN.

Let’s talk some basics of skin care and a long term plan to maintain good skin care habits.

Two of the biggest misconceptions I often see are over-exfoliation and how to cleanse properly. Many guests come in with a plethora of different, often costly, products that live in their medicine cabinet or a random drawer. They most often have been sold a Clarisonic, which I highly oppose, and use it far more frequently than is needed. Sometimes twice a day. This brings me back to proper exfoliation and cleansing.  Over exfoliating leads to big problems. The first being, it takes away the skin’s natural 30 day cycle to rid itself of cellular debris. If a person is aggressively exfoliating 2x a day, the cellular ability becomes stagnant and the skin can no longer function on its own, leading to the root of the aging process. Cleansing is another issue many guests have been engaging in incorrectly. The use of hot water causes a variety of issues, cleansing twice a day leads to overproduction of sebum(oil). In reality, the skin should be cleansed in the evening, with cool water, followed by the proper moisturizer. In the morning, the skin just needs the cool water, perhaps a gentle tonic, and a proper daily moisturizer.

 Amanda, what have you recommended to your clients in terms of routine maintenance?

Skin care has not only gotten expensive and aggressive, but it has also gotten complicated. It doesn’t have to be. My guests are on a very simple routine.  They use cleanser, proper moisturizing treatments, raw sugar as a weekly exfoliant (sugar is nature’s AHA) and proper eye treatment. Their skin maintenance varies on what needs/goals they desire.


How often do your clients come in?  Is it a weekly thing, daily,  monthly?

Most guests receive a facial every 6-8 weeks, with the Dermasweep.  Some guests receive a series of Dermasweep then transition over to the 6-8 week maintenance.

Who is your typical clientele?  Is it Moms?  Teens? Active Older Adults?

Ages vary. Because skincare is moving towards protecting as opposed to correcting past exposure, guests will start taking care of their skin earlier on in their life than ever before.


Tell me about the Dermasweep treatment.

My guests absolutely love love love the Dermasweep. It is like a personal trainer who kicks your butt!  Dermasweep is a micro resurfacing treatment,much more advanced and efficient than the former microdermabrasion treatments of the past. The levels of depth and suction vary on the guests sensitivity level and what they want to achieve.It is painless,with no down time. It works on an epidermal level ridding the skin of cellular debris, gently. It balances the skins pH level, sebaceous level and works topically on issues such as pore reduction, fine lines, redness and rosacea, photo damage and all forms of hyper pigmentation.

Any special offers or discounts you would like to promote?

I always give a complimentary Dermasweep to each new guest who makes an appointment for a facial. That is my way of allowing the guest to have a relaxing experience, with results, without me having to “sell” myself or the service. The end results speak for itself,without me sounding like a car salesman!I am not a car salesman! Something I often tell my guests and they very much appreciate.  I offer 30, 60, and 90 minute facial treatments. A Dermasweep treatment is 30 minutes long. Waxing and tinting services are available as well. All treatments are by appointment only.

You can find Amanda Grant Skin Care online at  Her office is located on the first floor of the Lafayette Mill Complex at 650 Ten Rod Rd, here in North Kingstown.  Phone number for appointments and more knowledge is 860-287-9977.



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    • Thank Ann for the great feedback. I have heard from a number of Amanda’s clients who echo your sentiments. Share the positive news about her business, that’s the best compliment you can give her.


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