Belleville Pond – A Beautiful Treasure of North Kingstown

Belleville Pond is a 108 acre pond located in North Kingstown.  There are several ways and means of accessing Belleville Pond – car, bike, motorbike, foot, even horse.  If you are travelling by car, there is parking available at Ryan Park as well as closer to the pond itself.  Ryan Park, a town of North Kingstown recreation site, is easily accessible via Oak Hill Rd.  But, the real adventures lie in the other ways of entering the park.  The picturesque and winding nature trails leading up to Belleville Pond are an important part of my childhood and I have the great pleasure of sharing these trails presently with my current family.

You can access these countless nature trails leading up to Belleville Pond through several entrances from neighborhoods on Lafayette Rd, Ten Rod Rd, as well as Haverhill Rd.  These trails wind themselves behind commercial properties such as the Lafayette Mill complex as well as McKay’s Furniture.  Over the years, I have witnessed hikers, walkers, joggers, horseback riders, cyclings, motorbikes all using the trails.  Pet owners take special care of their animals and help keep the trail a safe place for their animals and others interacting with their pets.  It is a safe and friendly set of trails that a wide range of users can enjoy to the fullest.

My experiences with Belleville Pond span close to 40 years.  As a kid, I used to hike to the pond with my brother.  We had an access path through a neighbor’s yard which led us to Haverhill Rd neighborhood, where we would meet up with a number of friends. By the time, we were in high school, my brother and I knew just about every inch of every trail in and around Belleville Pond.  My brother and his friends would fish.  I would mostly throw rocks in the water, seeing how far into the pond I could make it.  Years later, my brother now takes his children fishing at Belleville Pond, while my kids and I simply throw rocks.  Some things never change.

My favorite thing about Belleville Pond is the waterfall.  When I was a kid, I would drop pieces of wood and watch them float over the waterfall and into the stream below.  At one point, I was even able to sit on a rock ledge situated behind the waterfall.  I would sit there and watch the water rush over me.  It was a really cool experience for a kid to be able to sit behind a waterfall and watch that.  Recently, I witnessed ice had formed over one section of the falls.  The water was continuing to flow behind this icy cover, creating an indelible image of nature’s beauty.   No matter the season, I always make time to watch the happenings at the waterfall.

Whether its a leisurely walk with the family and the dogs or a jog through the winding nature trails, I love the nature and beauty around Belleville Pond.  To find out more about how to access the trails, there are a number of RI Department of Environmental Management documents online.  Or, simply park your car and explore.  You will find nature, fresh air, and experience a beautiful piece of North Kingstown that you can enjoy and share with friends and family.


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