Who Is The Rhiter?

The Rhiter is a Rhode Island based life experience blogger and photojournalist who writes about travel, sports, history, philosophical debates, chasing after my 2 Weims, and cool stops along the typically unpredictable journey of everyday living. The Rhiter loves drawing stick figure cartoons and imaginary scenarios to inspire friendly conversation about non-sensical topics. The Rhiter plays guitar, piano, harmonica, and kazoo one click below beginner status. The Rhiter absolutely loves creativity in books, film, music, art, and the all important person to person conversation. The Rhiter has been called many names – The North Kingstown Blog, The Rhode Island Baseball Experience, a few not suitable for children’s ears. To answer the question, who is the Rhiter?

The Rhiter is me, Noel P. Roby.

Here are links to my recent creative blog posts, including 8Unassisted stories which feature 8 blocks of creative writing, music, cartoon doodling, and more. And to read some of my archived posts on baseball, North Kingstown, travel, and life experiences, here over to – Blog Posts.


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