The Big Ole Adventures of Cougar Maine – The Session That Broke The Internet

Cougar did what Officer Braddock instructed him to do
He drove the Big Ole Truck silently back to the Junkyard
Bucky Chase greeted him at the gate, where's the music Coug?
Cougar told him about the ballpark and the cops pulling him over
I love your spirit, but its going to get your ass kicked
Bucky watched the Big Ole Truck drive into the junkyard
He closed the gates behind the Big Ole Truck and walked to Cougar
Cougar, you have to know when to fold em and when to run away
Cougar looked at Bucky.  Isn't that a Kenny Rogers song?
Bucky started laughing.  Coug, I have an idea. 
How would you like to get away for a few days, down to Dallas?
I have a special assignment that needs a special dude, like yourself.
Cougar thought about getting away, it sounded good to him.
Does this require me to break the law or something? he asked Bucky
Bucky laughed again, Coug you are a funny dude, of course not.
I just need you to travel to my parts warehouse and pickup something
Cougar agreed and shook Bucky's hand.  
Bucky handed him a round trip ticket to Dallas
Cougar parked the Big Ole Truck and walked home, just about 2 blocks
He entered his home to see his mother shaking her head
Mom, Bucky has me heading down to Dallas for a special task
I need to get away, do some thinkin about the Big Ole Truck
The cops pulled me over today and I feel like a heel
You go to Dallas, said his Mom, I agree with the thinkin part too.
Cougar packed an overnight bag and grabbed his guitar case
He wanted to keep playing music, just because it made him feel good
His Mom dropped him off at the departure area and smiled
Go find yourself Cougar, wherever that is go find you.
The flight from Greensboro to Dallas was supposed to be non-stop
Due to a weather issue, the plane was diverted to Nashville
Cougar and the other passengers were asked to depart the plane
A layover of 1.5 hours was announced as the passengers exited
Cougar was not very well versed in airports or layovers
He walked over to the new gate where the next plane would take off
On his way over, he spotted an interested kiosk and stopped in
It was a music studio kiosk right there in the airport
It's $5 for 5 minutes of air time, you go in and play a song
You and your song are recorded and it goes out to the internet
Fans watching the site can vote for you as the artist of the day
Do you want to try it out Cowboy?  Asked the attendant.
Cougar looked at the wall clock and saw he had 45 minutes
Here is $5, he said, handing the attendant a 5 spot
Just fill out your shit there, name address phone number email.
When you are set up, just hit the red button with your foot.
Cougar got situated on the stool and took out his guitar
He adjusted his hat because the lights in the studio were bright
He looked around at all of the cameras and microphones
He took a deep breathe and stepped on the red record button
The ceiling microphone adjusted downward, thanks to the attendant
The attendant was monitoring the studio, the sound effects, etc.
Cougar began playing "Big Ole Truck" and laying down hot guitar licks
He played it flawlessly for 5 minutes until the microphone moved up
5 minutes went by fast
Cougar's music was then uploaded to social media, company website
Cougar put his guitar away and started to walk out of the studio
Rockin' tune, bro said the attendant, people are really diggin it
Cougar exited the studio and tipped his hat to the attendant
Meanwhile, Cougar's song was being liked by tens of thousands
Cougar heard his gate and flight announced and started walking away
The attendant watched him walk towards Gate 3
A text - Hey MCD, you better log into the system and check this out
Shelly Shields was the executive assistant to Michael Carter Dunn
MCD did just that and saw an artist with 12,000 likes
Where is this guy?  At our Nashville kiosk asked MCD
Yes, should I call the attendant and ask him to stop this guy?
MCD replied to Shelly, no its only a 10 minute ride for me, I'll go
Michael Carter Dunn left his Nashville bar office and headed west
He texted his buddy at TSA and asked for a favor.

Stay tuned for more Big Ole Adventures of Cougar Maine, as Cougar unsuspectingly becomes an internet sensation. Will Michael Carter Dunn reach him before Cougar boards the plane to Dallas? Or will it be too little time for MCD to meet and greet this budding musical talent? More Big Ole Adventures coming soon…

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