The Big Ole Adventures of Cougar Maine – Hit Record and Play

Happy Meadows exited the control room and headed to talk to Cougar
Coug, said Happy with one hand on Cougar's shoulder, let's chat
Cougar nodded and listened
Coug, began Happy again, we can't work with DGAF, you dig?
Cougar looked away then right at Happy
I don't give a fuck that you can't work with DGAF, you dig Hapless?
Happy laughed, he actually thought Cougar was funny
Happy took his hand off Cougar, one more take and you're out, dig?
Cougar asked what do you want from me?  My lyrics, my song
Happy asked, what if we insert "Dang" into the spot currently "Fuck"
Cougar picked up his guitar and sang, Big Ole Truck don't give a dang
Cougar put his guitar down, that doesn't even rhyme!
Happy started towards the studio exit door and turned to Cougar
Rhyme or not, we can't record your song as you want it Coug
You either work with us on the lyrics or this sessions over
I'll give you a minute to make your decision and then its final
Happy left the studio and walked up the one flight to the control room
Happy looked at Jaylon and shrugged his shoulders
The two sound engineers looked into the studio and saw Cougar
He had raised his left hand up with the thumbs up sign
Ok, here goes nothing, Happy said as he played the guitar riff track
Cougar adjusted himself on the bar stool in front of the microphone
Jaylon and Happy anxiously waited for Cougar to sing his first lines
Cougar flashed a big smile on his face and began to sing
It's a Big Ole Truck
And I don't give a fuck
A Big Ole Truck
Happy stopped the guitar track and Jaylon headed down to the studio
Get your shit and get out Cougar ordered Jaylon
Yep, my song my lyrics assholes, I'm out said a defiant Cougar Maine
Cougar and his guitar and his attitude walked out of Bonnet Studios
Jaylon yelled out to Cougar, get the hell outta here!!!
Cougar and the Big Ole Hulk Truck sped off after a massive tire spin
Through the smoke, Cougar had an epiphany - I'll record it myself
There has to be software where I can record my song and produce it
Cougar headed home to do some internet research on recording music
Bingo, free software to record your own songs
Download complete, Cougar went and snagged his guitar from his truck
He found a comfy spot and plugged in his guitar to his computer
He tested the audio to make sure the song worked good
Cougar knew he would need to record the guitar and vocals together
No big deal, he knew the song and was ready to record
The directions stated "Hit Record and Play", pretty simple
After a deep breathe, Cougar hit record and played "Big Ole Truck"

Stay tuned for more Big Ole Adventures of Cougar Maine, as Cougar puts the finishing touches on his very first single and then shares it with everyone in town!

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