The Big Ole Adventures of Cougar Maine – Bonnet Studio Sessions

Cougar Maine and his Big Ole Truck were getting a reputation in town
Cougar and the Big Ole Truck rode around town and made a lot of noise
Sometimes Cougar would park, unfold his lawn chair, and play songs
He would heckle passersby's and cars and joggers with songs.
One day, Jaylon Sparks met Cougar and gave him his business card
Come record your songs at Bonnet Studios Cougar, said Jaylon
Cougar thought about it and nodded to Jaylon, where and when?
Jaylon pointed to his card, you call me when you are ready
Cougar drove home thinking about his music and his big ole truck
As soon as he parked the Big Ole Truck, he called Jaylon Sparks
Sparks, said Cougar, I'll be at Bonnet on Sunday morning.
Sparks confirmed the studio time and said see you Sunday am.
Cougar, the Big Ole Truck, and his guitar arrived at Bonnet Studios
Cougar met up with Jaylon and his sound engineer, Happy Meadows
Happy escorted Cougar to the studio and sat him down on a bar stool
Plug in your guitar there, said Happy, pointing to an amp.
Cougar shook his head because his guitar was not an electric guitar
The junkyard find was a reconditioned acoustic Fender
She was not set up for amplification
No worries, said Happy, we can put a mike right in front of ya
Cougar tipped his cruddy cowboy hat to Happy and sat down
He began to strum the guitar and get her wound up
Happy was happy with the microphone set up and departed the room
He walked up to the control room to join Jaylon at the mixing board
Jaylon spoke into the PA system
Just play a few guitar licks for us Coug, we need to equalize things
Cougar nodded again and started to play some chords
Slow at first and then faster and faster
Jaylon smiled at Happy and Happy returned the smile
Where did you find this hick, laughed Happy to Jaylon
He was singing a song about my POS Kia the other day on Rte 5
I liked his bravado and thought we could do something here
Jaylon spoke in the mike again to Cougar
Hey Coug, how about a song, do you have one that you are keen on?
Jaylon nodding and giggled, I have one about my Big Ole Truck
Jaylon nodded back and said, alright Coug, let's hear it
Cougar adjusted himself on the bar stool and took a deep inhale
He played a few intro chords on the guitar and paused
"I Got A Big Ole Truck, and I don't give a fuck
A Big Ole Truck and it don't get stuck. 
Cougar repeated the lyrics over and over
He didn't have any other lyrics, just those
Jaylon and Happy turned to face each other
Jaylon gave the stop sign and Happy stopped recording
Hey Coug, is there another song you would like to record
We can record and publish a song with the "F" word
Are you open to some songwriting ideas
Because the guitar parts are spot on
Cougar was still playing and only caught the last sentence
Thanks Jaylon, I like the guitar jams too
Jaylon responded, no Coug, we can't use those lyrics
Can we give you some thoughts on other lyrics?
Cougar put his guitar down for a second
Let me think, Cougar said devilishly, uh no, I like the song lyrics
My Big Ole Truck kicks so much ass and it don't give a fuck
And it sure as shit ain't gonna get stuck, like your Kia.
Happy giggled but Jaylon was not laughing
Well, Jaylon started, this is my studio and my rules
Shall we try it my way or do you want to be difficult?
Happy put a pause finger up to Jaylon, let me chat with him.

Stay tuned for more Big Ole Adventures of Cougar Maine, as Cougar makes a significant career move and continues to piss off anyone in his way!!!

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