The Abbey Road Blueberry Muffin Recipe – An 8Unassisted Life Moment

My record player is situated in the room adjacent to my kitchen. Often times while making breakfast for myself or my family, I will throw on an album while cracking eggs for an omelet, sizzling up some bacon, or making muffins. Just recently, I found a box of Krusteaz Blueberry Muffin Mix and decided to have a go at creating these delicious and household favorite muffins. I selected the Beatles “Abbey Road” album to be the background music for my muffin making experience. And here is what I found out…

If you play the entire album, Side A and Side B, you can successfully navigate through the entire Krusteaz Blueberry Muffin making experience, with the end being a special treat indeed. No joke, from “Come Together” to “Her Majesty” you can prep, fold the blueberries, bake, and enjoy simultaneously. Here is the proof:

If done in this order and without rushing through any steps in the process, you too can enjoy the joy of baking and the joy of “Abbey Road.” Ok, let’s get started how it all went down for me, beginning with the first step. I removed the vinyl from its sleeve, lifted the cover of my record player, gently placed the vinyl on the turntable, hit power, then moved the needle to the first groove and shut the cover. I stood back for merely seconds before that first beat hit me – “Come Together.” Ahhhhhh, I was off and running, I mean baking.

For me, it is a short walk over to the oven to pre-heat to 400°. I removed the baking pans stored on the three shelves and placed them on the counter out of the way. Then turned the two knobs – convection and temperature of 400 – and let the oven pre-heat. As I turned to find the box and what ingredients I might need, “Something,” began to play.

To get the oven up to a temperature of 400°, it typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes. So, while the music was playing, I got to work on the prep and mixing portion of the blueberry muffin baking experience.

Next, I found a muffin tin that had 12 spots for mix. I ran it under the tap for minute and dried it off. Then found the cooking spray to douse the 12 spots to prevent the mix from sticking and robbing me of yummy finished blueberry muffin product. “Maxell’s Silver Hammer” chimed in from the record player.

Ok, now comes the creation part of the process. I removed the flour bag and poured it into a medium sized mixing bowl. Then poured 2/3 cup of water into the bowl as the directions stated. Then added the oil and the 2 eggs to the mix. Then stirred and stirred until the mix was mixed. “Oh! Darling” was serenating me as I found the can opener for the can of blueberries. The directions were not clear on draining the juice from the can, so I just went with my gut and dumped it all into the mix. I mean folded into the mix.

Quick tangent here as “Octopus’s Garden” starting playing – growing up here in North Kingstown and located in Wickford Village was an eclectic store named “Octopus’s Garden.” They sold posters, Grateful Dead type stuff, shirts, candles, and was a cool spot to shop in. Plus they were huge sponsors of youth sports like soccer in North Kingstown. Nice memory and I let it play out while reading the instructions on the box as to what my next steps were.

Coinciding with the oven reaching 400° as per the instructions on the box, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” was up next. This tune is the longest song in terms of minutes on “Abbey Road” at roughly 7:48. So, I got to work on lining up the mixing bowl with the muffin tin and begin to empty small amounts of batter into each muffin spot. I was conservative with my amounts to make sure I was equitable for each of the 12 spots. Then, I circled back to add more to those that had less than others. I took my time and was happy to work through this last song on Side A to completion and open the oven door and place the muffin tin filled with mix onto the second shelf, then close the door. I set the timer just under the baking time range at 16 minutes, then grabbed my coffee to sit by the fire and wait…

I need to flip the album over to Side B before I get settled. So, I opened the cover, flipped the vinyl, replaced the needle on the first groove, shut the cover, and then stepped back to listen to “Here Comes The Sun”. I am a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan and always associated this song with his very funny “Bee Movie.” Jerry as a Bee, what a riot. I picked up my crossword book and took a seat next to the fire and the two dogs, also enjoying the Beatles and the fire.

Side B of Abbey Road has a series of quick bursts (seemingly) of songs. Unlike the 7 plus minute length of “I Want You,” Side B features songs with lengths of a minute or two wrapped together beautifully in a medley like format. As “Because” filled my den with that distinctive harmony, I kept one percent of my attention to the timer’s call on the muffins. 16 minutes of Beatles favorites would be quite enough enjoyment for myself and the Weims. “You Never Give Me Your Money” and then “Sun King” and then the real quick jabs of “Mean Mr. Mustard” and “Polythene Pam” got me thinking that the 16 minutes might be close to being up. So, I took the small walk over to the oven and observed that I was nearly there. I stood and watched the timer as “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” met the sounds of the “DING” and I opened up the oven, pulled the drawer out with my trusty oven mitt, and poked one of the muffins with a toothpick. Not done yet, maybe 4 more minutes. Back you go, into the oven, as “Golden Slumbers” played in the background.

As I had a few more minutes before the blueberry muffins were ready to come out, I did some kitchen duties and cleaned up the bowl, put the egg carton away, put the oil away, and tidied up. Cleaning up is hard work and “Carry That Weight” was playing and I felt the Beatles somehow knew my pain! Then, the timer dinged again. I snapped over to the oven, opened the door, drew the muffins out on the sliding drawer, placed a toothpick inside one of them, and YES!!! we have completion. I placed the muffins on top of the stove, as per the instructions, for the cooling period of roughly 5 minutes. “The End” of Abbey Road filled my home and the end of my blueberry muffin making experience was nearly there. All that was left was to pry one muffin out of its spot, and sit down by the fire to enjoy. “Her Majesty” greeted me as I sat down and took a bite my delicious blueberry muffin creation. As the first bite was consumed, “Abbey Road” finished its part of the deal.

One of my favorite albums mixed and folded nicely with one of my favorite things to eat. Raise your hand if you have ever made “Abbey Road Blueberry Muffins.” In the end, I have to say it was a wonderful 47 minutes and 3 seconds on a sunny Sunday morning!!!

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