Twas the 7th Inning And All Through Baseball Land…

Twas the 7th inning, when all through baseball land

Not a player was stirring, not even the jittery third baseman

The dugouts were filled with excitement and glee

In the hopes that their team could claim victory.

The pitcher had gotten the sign from his catcher

The batter was confident a run he could manufacture

And umpire was ready, and I with my notepad

The stage was set for a baseball miracle to be had.

When out of his hand, the fastball did sizzle

It hurled toward home plate like US Army missile.

I stood in the stands and yelled down in front

As the batter squared to lay down a miracle bunt.

The runner at second took off like a flash

The pitcher raced to home plate in a mad dash

The catcher was yelling to get the out at first

The bunter took off for first in a sprinted dusty burst.

The runner ran right past third base so lively and quick

The pitcher now had the ball, unaware of the looming trick

The dusty burst bunter had made it to first base

And rounded for second in a greedy and foolish haste.

Well what did the pitcher’s eyes then see?

The runner rounding first fell right on his fanny.

The pitcher ran toward him in a moment so profound

For the last out would be easy now that he was on the ground.

And the runner at third, as smooth as Mama’s best cheesecake.

Shifting to 5th gear and broke for home plate.

The catcher was screaming at the top of his voice

For his pitcher to turn around and make a better choice.

The fallen runner proud of his feet, stood and got to his feet

And watched his teammate’s foot and home plate about to meet.

The pitcher did spin and fire a strike to his mate at the plate.

But, alas, the runner touched home and this throw was too late.

A miracle play on a ball hit 10 feet

Two teammates and a trick play performed solid as concrete.

It just goes to show you the power of bunting,

In this case, a manufactured run and a W – end resulting.

Merry Christmas everyone and Have an Awesome day with family!!!

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The RIBBE is The Rhode Island Baseball Experience. It is promoting the game of baseball here in the great state of Rhode Island for the entire baseball world to see. The RIBBE is positive stories, photos, videos, and responsible social media posts. The RIBBE is an information resource for families looking for an AAU team or a summer camp or a great place to buy a first baseman’s mitt. The RIBBE is a network of coaches, tournament directors, parents, leagues, and baseball junkies whose passion of the game of baseball is unquestioned. I believe that providing expert analysis, information and directions to ballfields, and coaching advice from some of the top RI baseball minds will help promote the game of baseball here in RI to a whole new level.

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