A Trip To Fenway Park To Hang With Sam, Yaz, Ted, Big Papi, and #21 Adam Levine

Go figure. My first trip back to Fenway Park in nearly two years is…a Maroon 5 Concert. With the Sox playing on the road in Chicago, then heading west to play Seattle, Fenway transformed into a gigantic concert arena highlighted by a massive sound stage right there in Centerfield. Through the Red Sox Foundation, I was able to get tickets to the concert and experience the Sam Adams Deck in right field. The weather was ideal for baseball, I mean a concert Sunday night. Here are some photos I took along the way and throughout the night.

Parking for a game or any event at Fenway is first come, first serve. We found a small lot right next to the “Big Papi” David Ortiz Bridge and I walked across remembering what an incredible personality Ortiz was/is, not to mention one of the most clutch hitters in Red Sox history.

Yaz was my favorite player growing up. I batted left handed because he did. I dove for baseballs I had no shot in catching, because he did. I tip my cap to him every time I visit Gate K at Fenway Park.

All I had to say to the usher, a kid less than half my age, was where is the “red seat.” He pointed to it and I thought about how far Ted Williams hit that baseball that day to land in that red seat. Seat 21, Row 37. What a hit, what a player, what a legend.

The view from the Sam Adams Deck was tremendous. You could see just about every spot in Fenway Park and really take in the uniqueness of the field’s dimensions.

The Sam Adams Deck served ballpark fare (hot dogs, chicken nuggets, fries, pretzels) as well as a nice array of Sam Adams beers. My choice was “Wicked Easy” which (as the cup asked me) was drank responsibly.

Pre-Maroon 5 and opening acts, the Patriots game was being shown at the Sam Adams Deck bar. We all cheered and ooohed and ahhhed as the Pats and Dolphins battled at Gillette Stadium. It was a fun game to watch and it finished just before the music went on.

Fenway was packed with music fans. From the floor seats to the stadium seats to the suite box seats and every where in between, there were screaming fans.

Maroon 5’s frontman, Adam Levine, came on stage with a Boston Red Sox shirt and on the back was the number 21 and his last name, Levine. He wore it most of the night, which upset my wife. For the last song or two, he did remove it, which upset me.

Maroon 5 played just about every song that every fan wanted them to. They have a 20 year history of mega pop music success and fans sang along to just about every word in every song.

It was a fun night. It was a safe night. The weather was phenomenal. The walk across the David Ortiz Bridge was cool. Seeing Yaz again at Gate K was incredible. The view from the Sam Adams Deck was spectacular, including the famous Ted Williams “red seat.” Rachel had a blast watching one of her favorite bands, led by #21 Adam Levine. Although he may have to get another jersey the next time he plays at Fenway because he threw his shirt into the crowd. I had a blast just being in Fenway Park for the first time in nearly 2 years. Can’t wait to be back there in two weeks for the Run to Home Base Event!!!

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  1. Good read! How was the sound/acoustins up there in the Sam Adams deck? Im consdering taking my wife also to a show by a Latin artist in a couple weeks


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