Friday Night Baseball Featuring Chariho Chargers vs East Providence Townies

Friday, June 4th was Senior Night for the Chariho High School Chargers Baseball Team. Their opponent for Senior Night was not only East Providence High School’s Townie Baseball Team but also the impending rain, possibly hail, and thunderstorms marching in from the west. I’m not a weather person, so I decided to cover the baseball game. From my home in North Kingstown, it is nice ride through South County on Route 2 South, then right on Shannock Hill Rd, which becomes Pine Hill Rd. Then left onto Switch Road, passed the turf farms then right into the parking lot of Chariho Regional High School. Chariho plays their home games at Kenyon Field, which is just a short walk from the school buildings.

When I arrived around 4:30 game time, the sun was shining bright. Sure there were a zillion clouds off in the distance, but I was focused on the game on the field, not in the sky. A nice crowd had gathered for Senior Night. The bleachers behind home plate were completely full. I must have just missed the on field tributes and ceremony because the game had already begun. I could see poster tributes on the backstop closer to the third base dugout. Then, I noticed even more tacked to the ceiling of the first base dugout, which housed the Chariho Chargers team. Fans were taking photos and videos in their seats and up against the fence.

I found a great spot, via the amazing track oval, with a bleacher seat just about even with the third base coaching box. Old friend and frequent Rhode Island Baseball Experience contributor Coach Bobby Rodericks was manning the third base coaching box and he waved hello. Coach Rodericks is the Head Coach of East Providence High School Baseball and the Director at ATC Facility in Pawtucket. Great baseball coach and mentor and all around awesome guy to talk about all things baseball.

I was able to shoot this video from that spot just outside the third base coaching box. The field was in excellent shape. I love the wooden backdrop in left field, then the huge open area from left center all the way over to the right field foul line. Seriously, you have to hit one a country mile and a half to hit one out of Kenyon Field. And actually, from where I was sitting, a Chariho player nearly did that. Mammoth shot to deep center for a stand up double.

From third base, I took a walk around the field to right field and met up with some parents. In order to get a view of the field, you had to walk out into the right field foul area because the first base dugout obstructed your view of the batter. Out in the right field, there is a batting cage and pitching mound area for warmups. And from there, you can really see how huge the outfield area is. I got some great game shots from this location as well.

It was a fast moving game, not unlike the fast moving clouds off in the distance. When I left the game around the 4th inning, the score was still very close at 2-0, East Providence. I checked the Rhode Island Interscholastic League ( baseball page this morning and saw the final score was East Providence 7 and Chariho 0. It was a well played game with some really nice hits and solid pitching from both teams. The sun was shining bright, actually at times it was shining really HOT. No rain while I was there at Chariho High School, which is great. I’m happy for the parents and families and players that they got to experience Senior Night and play the entire game. The field looked incredible and it is always fun taking the drive down to Chariho to watch a baseball game.

Good luck to the Chariho Chargers and the East Providence Townies Baseball teams the rest of the season.

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