The RIBBE Visits The Big Fields Of Smithfield

On Tuesday, I decided to venture to Smithfield in search of “big fields” as I would like to refer to them as. Big field is the traditional Amateur, Middle School, High School, Collegiate, Professional style field where the mound is 60’6″ from home plate, the bases are 90 feet apart, and the overall dimensions are much larger than your standard youth baseball field. Smithfield has some of the best baseball fields in Rhode Island. In years passed, I have visited the fields and grounds of Deerfield Park and Whipple, which are a host fields for mostly Smithfield Little League teams. And on Tuesday, I was able to find two “big fields,” which were literally a walk in the woods apart from each other.

Smithfield High School is located on Pleasant View Avenue. The high school baseball field is located beyond the main building and sits opposite to the softball field. I was immediately struck by the condition of the field, the dugouts, the bleachers, the grounds. Everything looked groomed, picked up, tidied up, it was really impressive to see the field in such great shape. I walked around the field and took some photos of the field. Then, I found a hilly area around the mid left field area and took a few photos and video of the field. One thing that struck me was the 402 sign in Centerfield. Someone hits one over that sign, that is showing some Major League power!!! Here are some of my photos of Smithfield High School’s baseball field:

And a video of the field from the hill:

When I was travelling into Smithfield and looking for the high school, I noticed another field close by named Burgess Field. So, after my visit to the high school, I drove about a mile down the road to Albert St, parked, and walked around Burgess Field. Burgess is located across the street from the Smithfield YMCA, but I didn’t see any sort of walking or street access to the field from the Y. No problem, I found Albert St. pretty easy and there was plenty of space to park. I walked the grounds of Burgess and just loved the fact that it too was in such great shape. Whoever takes care of the fields and facilities in Smithfield, should get a raise!!! The park and grounds around the field are massive and there is plenty of space for families to sit and watch a baseball game. I took a lap behind the outfield fence and checked out the wooden area and the brook that runs just past the field. It was so peaceful and comfortable. Here are a few photos I took of the field and surrounding areas:

And a video of the field:

It was a great visit to Smithfield to visit their high school field and Burgess Field. Smithfield truly has some of the best fields in all of Rhode Island. I thoroughly enjoy walking the grounds and checking out all the great nature sights behind and around these baseball parks. After visiting Whipple and Deerfield Park over the years, it was great to discover a few of Smithfield’s “big fields.” Definitely worth the drive to Smithfield to check out a game this year!!!

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