A Visit to Moe Joe’s Baseball Academy for Zorian Baseball Academy Training

This past Saturday, I took the drive out to Coventry’s Moe Joe Baseball Academy to meet up with Robert Zorian. Robert and I have been exchanging texts and calls this winter about his very successful Zorian Baseball Academy clinics at Moe Joe’s, so I decided to check out a practice. Upon arrival and after exchanging hellos with Robert and Moe Joe Baseball Coach David Delgado, I was super surprised to run into my family – my brother-in-law Harvey Hohl and my nephews Jackson and Finley. With Covid-19 family restrictions, I haven’t had too much face time with my family, so this was a really awesome bonus RI Baseball Experience.

Jackson and Finley were just two of about 10 to 15 players attending the Zorian Baseball Academy clinic. According to Coach Delgado, Saturday was the final session of a month long clinic, run by Robert Zorian with help from Zenith Marimon. I was able to watch a bit of practice, snap some photos, meet with the Delgados (who are awesome baseball parents and members of the RI Baseball community), and get a sense of what the players were learning. I reached out to Robert over the weekend and we exchanged emails about Zorian Baseball and his involvement with Moe Joe’s and the local Rhode Island baseball scene. Here is an excerpt from our conversation as well as some photos from Saturday’s clinic.

RIBBE – Robert, you just finished up a month long session of training at Moe Joe Baseball Academy.  How did you get involved with Moe Joe and what was the expectation (s) of the clinics?
Robert – The RI Baseball Community is small and we all know each other. I was introduced to Moe Joe’s through a friend who’s son trains at the facility. 
RIBBE – What skill sets did you want to focus on with this group?
Robert – Hitting, fielding and throwing fundamentals. Repetition (the right way) of skills very important in baseball.
RIBBE – What makes a Zorian Baseball clinic stand out from other clinics?
Robert – I believe it is my baseball family I work with in New England and their desire to help EVERY player reach their respective potential. 
RIBBE – What is your background in baseball, both as a player, coach, and industry leader?
Robert – I played high school baseball in Oklahoma and college in the NJCAA and NCAA and coached at every amateur level. I have owned a baseball business for 18 years so some might call me a “LIFER.” 
RIBBE – You were a high level collegiate coach.  What do you feel you bring to a training session/program that differentiates you?
Robert – The process of developing players is important at every level. My passion and drive has always been a differentiating factor. I truly love and honor the game every day. 
RIBBE – Based on the layout and space at Moe Joe, did you and your staff have enough room to do what you needed to do?
Robert – Absolutely. Moe Joe’s is a great partner in every way possible. 
RIBBE – In terms of fielding ground balls, what techniques and tips are you looking to provide these young ball players?
Robert – The importance of balance, vision, footwork, path and most important, CONFIDENCE! 
RIBBE – What are some of the common bumps in the road for fielding?
Robert – The glove flipper and footwork
RIBBE – Inside the hitting sessions, what are some of the key points you coach?
Robert – Balance, vision, bat path, grip, CONFIDENCE!
RIBBE – What specific training exercises were you using during the hitting sessions?  Tee work, soft toss, live pitching?
Robert – All of the above. Metrics are an important part of the game BUT too much too early is no good for players and instructors. 
RIBBE – How important is work ethic in a player’s development?  Especially working out indoors months before they even see their first innings outside.
Robert – VERY
RIBBE – Without naming names, when you work with youth baseball players, can you spot a Division 1 caliber player at age 13/14?
Robert – YES but more important than “division” is being able to spot talent and them help to develop that talent. My adopted state, Rhode Island, is NOT short on talent. Rhode Island is a great baseball state and there are many opportunities for players to improve indoors and outdoors.

Stay tuned for more clinics at Moe Joe Baseball Academy in the weeks leading up to Little League and Interscholastic Sports schedules. And for more information on Zorian Bats, go to www.zorianbats.com to learn more about their products and services. Big thanks to Coach Delgado and Robert Zorian for inviting me out to Coventry to watch Zorian Baseball Academy in action!!! And great to see Harvery, Jackson, and Finley Hohl and get to see Jackson and Finley participate in the clinic.

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