The RIBBE Visits Cranston’s Bain Middle School and Monahan Baseball Field

It was a fairly cold day weather wise when I arrived at Cranston’s Bain Middle School on Wednesday. And as it turned out, it was one of the darkest days in United States history because of events happening in Washington DC, unbeknownst to me at the time of my arrival to their baseball field, Monahan Field. In some cases in life, ignorance is bliss. In this case, I was happily walking around a baseball field, taking videos and photos, chatting with walkers, completely ignorant that angry protesters had stormed the United States Capitol and were putting themselves and others in harms way. In an unscripted and unconscious way, I had put myself in a place of comfort, a place of sanctity, a happy place as we like to say it. I have always preached to my kids and players who I have coached that an athletic field should be a place of comfort and safety for any person whose personal life is not going so well. Up until the moment I got into my car to drive to work and heard on the radio about what was happening in Washington DC, I felt that comfort and safety.

Hugh B. Bain Middle School is located off Gansett Avenue in Cranston, just a few minutes from Cranston Stadium and the businesses on Park Avenue. Just a short walk from the school is Cooney Playground, a walking track, and several athletic fields. One of those fields was dedicated to Peter A. Monahan “for his commitment to his country and to the youth of the city of Cranston, September 13, 1997.” I was in the area so I stopped by to check out Monahan Field and take a walk around the perimeter of this great park in Cranston.

There is a large athletic space next to the playground and inside the walking track. Inside this space houses the baseball field, softball field, and a football upright, which to me means that football is probably played there. With a huge open space, I am guessing other sports like lacrosse, soccer, field hockey could also find a home there. As for the baseball field, there are no outfield fences. I did spot a foul pole in right field and another pole in center field. Left field blends in with the softball field,

The walking trail is great. It gives you a fan’s eye view of a baseball or softball game. There were a few people that had decided, like me, to brave the cold and get some exercise. And there was easy access from the walking path to the athletic fields.

I had a great visit to Cranston’s Bain Middle School and their athletic fields, especially Monahan Baseball Field. I love all the open space for recreation sports of all kinds. And the walking path forms the perimeter of the field and provides a great view of the park as you are exercising. On a cold and dark day in our United States history, I was able to find some peace and comfort on a baseball field in Cranston.

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