My Starting Lineup For National Superhero Day

I just read online that tomorrow, April 28th, is National Superhero Day. All joking aside, the true superheroes of our current and present world are teachers, doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, first responders, military service people, Moms, Dads, and everyone working on the front lines of society to make us all better human beings. Thank you all for your sacrifices and for putting your super human strength, smarts, and abilities to work these past few months. We are all stronger because of you.

Since it will be National Superhero Day and I love cartoons with superheroes, I started to think about who I would select, if I was a manager in a sandlot game and there was an entire playground of super heroes willing and ready to play baseball. What an awesome opportunity to put together an amazing roster of players, all with their current super hero abilities. This team would then play other super hero teams or perhaps other teams willing to take on the challenge. Here is what I came up with:

I wanted a fast, athletic outfield that could run down baseballs, leap over fences to “rob” home runs, and cover all the outfield gaps. With kids focusing on launch angle swings and home runs being on the rise at all levels of baseball, I really need players that can “stretch” way up high and snag those high arcing shots. I went with the following players for my outfield:

In Left Field, I chose Mr. Fantastic. His stretch-ability is a key component of my defensive outfield. These power hitting right handed sluggers can really crush baseballs high and deep to left field. With Mr. Fantastic and his stretch hands, we can keep a lot of baseballs in the park!

In Center Field, I selected Spider-Man. His high flying, acrobatic, and incredible athleticism made this an obvious choice for defensive center field. Not only can Spidey leap and bound to grab fly balls, but in the event the baseball is really smacked, he can fly up high using his web slinging. Spider-Man is going to be very tough to hit around and over his head.

In Right Field, I have The Flash. His speed is unmatched and The Flash can cover ground from foul line to foul line if necessary. All of those bloop hits, Texas Leaguers, Happy Birthday you hit the ball type hits that travel softly over the heads of the infield and land in the outfield grass will be eliminated. The Flash has the speed I need for success in the outfield.

For my infield, I wanted not only athleticism but camaraderie as well. I wanted strength and versatility on the corners and a solid, dynamic duo up the middle. I selected the following players for my defensive infield:

My third baseman is the Incredible Hulk. With his muscular frame, Hulk can knock down those screaming grounders that make the Hot Corner so difficult to play. Baseballs with exit velocities of 70, 80, 100 mph can bounce right off his chest, where he can then make a strong throw across the diamond. Hulk is going to be my rock at Third Base.

You need a strong set of infielders up the middle for Shortstop and 2nd Base, so I chose Batman and Robin. This athletic and smart team has worked together to fight crime for years. They back each other up in fight scenes, and will do so when a runner is attempting to steal 2nd base. As a proven double play combination in Gotham City, Batman and Robin will dominate the middle of the baseball field for my defense.

A lesser known superhero I was so happy was still available was Apache Chief. He will be my 1st Baseman. Apache Chief is already wicked tall. And he can grow 20, 50, 100 feet tall to get the job done in the infield. Let’s say there is an errant throw in the infield that would normally require a first baseman to jump or leap for the baseball. With Apache Chief, he can just grow as tall as need be to catch the baseball. A very valuable member of my defensive infield who will pay dividends saving runs.

With Black Panther already taken 1st overall by the rival Sandlot team, I went with Superman as my selection for catcher. Superman has the speed and strength and reflexes that I wanted in a solid defensive catcher. His ability to throw out runners, block the plate against potential runners, and call a really good game made this an easy choice. Superman will be an amazing addition to my lineup.

Last and certainly not least, I selected Wonder Woman as my starting Pitcher. Wonder Woman has that incredible confidence I wanted in a pitcher. The ability to use her brain as well as her strength to get batters out really appealed to me. Plus, I know Wonder Woman will be an excellent defender against the bunt. Never underestimate the power of a strong and smart woman, so don’t be surprised one bit if Wonder Woman pitches my Sandlot team to victory after victory.

Well, there you have it. My superhero lineup is filled with speed, strength, brains, guile, leaping ability, stretch-ability, and knows how to work together to get the job done. I would say this team is well equipped to take on any foes and come out victorious.

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