How To Choose The Right Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym

In addition to my passion of playing, coaching, and writing about baseball, I am a trusted resource in the sporting goods industry.  Specifically, the home and commercial fitness equipment industry as a writer, salesperson, and owner of a small business here in Rhode Island.  It has been incredible meeting local baseball trainers, physical therapists, movement specialists, and certified personal trainers this year and interacting with them at their fitness centers.  Going to a fitness center or training facility has many, many advantages such as onsite coaching, social interaction, and wide range of equipment available.  But what if you can’t get to a gym, fitness center, or baseball training site?  You may consider a piece of fitness equipment for your home.


There are so many factors involved when choosing fitness equipment for your home.  I will do my best to outline a few of the more obvious questions and concerns you should ask yourself, your partner, your spouse, or anyone involved in the decision making process.  You have good intentions on purchasing a treadmill or a bike or a piece of strength equipment, however there may be some roadblocks you need to overcome to make that a reality.  Also, if you need help with something not on this list, I would be more than happy to assist you.  Here are some (of many) factors for purchasing home fitness equipment:

  1. Where is it going in my house?  Space has to be addressed as one of your first priorities.  If you want a machine to go in the garage, does the garage have the space necessary with all of your baseball equipment, your wife’s car, the summer landscaping project equipment?  Is the garage heated in the winter months?  What about the basement or the bedroom or the living room?  Measure your average machine (treadmill, bike, home gym, bench) and visualize that piece in the garage or your bedroom.  And don’t forget to measure your ceiling height, your doorways, the basement door, and any entryways for the delivery team and/or your father-in-law in terms of delivery.  On the day of arrival, you don’t want to be denied your new piece of fitness equipment because it didn’t fit.
  2. What will I use on a consistent basis? An avid runner who comes to my store and says “I want to run inside in the winter and cold months” has made up their mind as to what they will use at home.  Or “I use the cardio equipment at the gym and want to do more strength training at home” has made a decision about their fitness program.  There are some many cardio options – bikes, rowers, treadmills, stepper, elliptical.  Strength training can be a machine that does several exercises like a home gym or functional trainer.  Or, a simple bench or set of kettlebells can be just what you need to workout at home. What piece(s) of equipment will you use on a consistent basis should be considered so you don’t waste time, space, and money this winter.
  3. Should I buy used/pre-owned or new in box? The used fitness equipment market is booming.  There are gyms closing, people moving, and more used fitness equipment dealers than ever before.  Websites such as Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, and ebay are all great resources for used fitness equipment deals.  The money you can save on average versus a new piece of equipment is substantial.  However, buying something new in the box does have great advantages.  Buying new means a manufacturer’s warranty.  New means never used which can provide peace of mind for your purchase.  Most new items this time of year offer incredible shipping discounts, some even offer free home delivery.  An item new in the box delivered to your home, with warranty is very enticing.  As is a similar item, pre-owned, that is hundreds maybe thousands of dollars less than the new item.  My advice is do your research on the product, the company or individual you are buying from, and check out any buyer reviews of the product and the company you plan to purchase from.
  4. Should I pickup at the store and deliver the item myself or pay a delivery fee?  This question goes way beyond fitness equipment so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.  If you own a truck or a trailer, this does not necessarily qualify you to be a fitness equipment delivery specialist.  Picking an item up at a store, with the aid of a stock person, forklift operator, or helpful salesperson is one thing.  Removing that same item from the back of your truck or trailer with your husband or your wife or your neighbors help is another.  And then bringing that item into your home, down the bulkhead stairs, up into the bedroom, and setting it up can be a very long ordeal and possibly dangerous to your home, marriage, and/or health.  Recruiting a handy person for fitness equipment pickup, delivery, and installation is recommended.  There are fitness equipment companies here in Rhode Island that specialize in delivery, setup, installation, moving, and service that have insurance and experience to do the job right the first time.  Again, just like the products, do your research and talk to a fitness equipment delivery specialist.

There are several other factors that will come up including price, warranty, and programming options.  If you take a moment to consider what piece of equipment you will use on a consistent basis,  how much your budget is, where it is going in your home,  and how it will be delivered, you have taken a huge step in the decision process.  Consider there are new and used pieces of fitness equipment on sale everyday in local retail stores and online marketplaces like ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist.  Do your research, try machines out at your gym or in stores, and review buyer’s guides.  Fitness equipment can be an incredible addition to your home.

If you have any questions about purchasing fitness equipment, feel free to email me at  I have an ebay store that you can shop for items as well – NK Marketing Sports and Fitness.



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