The NK Blog Visits Anytime Fitness – North Kingstown

Located just off Route 4 and Ten Rod Road, you will find a amazing fitness resource right here in North Kingstown.  Notice I didn’t say health club or aerobics studio or neighborhood gym.  That is because Anytime Fitness – NK is all of those and more.  It is a health club with treadmills, bikes, dumbbells, and strength machines.  It has an incredible, state of the art aerobics and training studio that you absolutely have to see to believe.  And it is a friendly place to see neighbors, co-workers, and family enjoy a clean, comfortable atmosphere while exercising.  This, along with other amenities I discovered, is why I call Anytime Fitness – NK a truly comprehensive fitness resource here in North Kingstown.


Anytime Fitness – NK opened its doors on August 23, 2016.  It occupies about 5,000 square feet of space and is located at 1051 Ten Rod Road, next to Walmart and near the Commuter Rail Station in North Kingstown. Its owners, Matt and Hulya Semonik, are fit, energetic, welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable about how to make your experience at Anytime Fitness – NK a positive one.  The gym employs two personal training staff – Alex and Brandon – both personable, happy to be alive, fitness professionals with strong backgrounds in fitness training and conditioning programs. Alex, Hulya, and Matt all greeted me with a smile, a handshake, and a genuine welcome to Anytime Fitness.


Hulya and Matt took me around Anytime Fitness – NK to the various sections of the facility.  Anytime Fitness has an open floor plan for the most part with a cardio section towards the front, strength machines in the middle and towards the back, along with a functional training area.  The cardio equipment is all top notch Life Fitness machines, with integrated screens for viewing your favorite movie, TV show, or other media during your workout.  The strength equipment is again Life Fitness, with Hammer Strength (whose parent company is Life Fitness) mixed in.  One of the interesting features on the Life Fitness strength was the QR codes on each machine.  With your smartphone, along with the QR Scanner app, you can scan a code on a machine, which will take you to an instructional video on how to use that machine.  Very tech, very modern, very useful and it is available on each Life Fitness strength machine.  The functional training area was centered around the Life Fitness Synergy 360, a functional trainer’s dream come true.  This station features a rebounder, functional trainer, plyometric box setup, anchors for TRX training, and much more.  And, the bonus of having enough floor space around the Synergy 360 made this one of my favorite sections of Anytime Fitness – NK.


The Studio room at Anytime Fitness – NK is a modern approach to the traditional aerobics program.  A touch screen keypad sits just outside the studio with literally hundreds of aerobic programming options.  Like yoga or step aerobics or flexibility programs?  Don’t have the flexibility in your lifestyle to get to a 5pm class or an early morning yoga session?  No problem, this studio and its Wellbeats Fitness Solutions programming is going to redefine your mindset about scheduling a class, trying new and exciting workouts, and challenging yourself fitness wise.  Inside the Studio are all the necessary fitness accessories for a multitude of aerobic programs, with more being added every week.   I highly recommend visiting The Studio at Anytime Fitness – NK if you have ever taken an aerobics class and want to witness a revolutionary new way to look at aerobics programs.

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Anytime Fitness – NK is a 24 hour fitness center.  Open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day is fitting for a fitness center named Anytime Fitness.  But what about security, especially off hours, late at night, early in the morning?  I spoke to owners Hulya and Matt about this.  They told me that Anytime Fitness – NK is dedicated to the safety and security of their members.  A staff person is physically there most days from about 8am to about 8pm.  Each owner has a smartphone connected to the security system.  Anytime Fitness – NK is a key card club, which means a key card is the only way to enter the building.  Once a member enters via his/her key card, Hulya and Matt received a notification that a member has just entered the fitness center.  Anytime Fitness – NK is equipped with an industry standard AED device and has a 911 phone which is easily accessible.  There are wearable safety, panic buttons which are encouraged to be worn by members using the club off hours, later in the evening, early in the morning, and most importantly during non-staffed periods of the club.  The club is well lit, the lights do not go off, there are no motion sensors for the lights.  Matt and Hulya can go over any other safety and security concerns with you.  I have to say I felt their procedures and safety measures were excellent and made me feel comfortable they had safety as a top concern.


So, if you are looking for a friendly, community based, clean, energetic, fitness resource in the North Kingstown area, I would highly recommend a visit to Anytime Fitness – NK.  They have a special fitness promotion going on that provides you the member with a free fitness consultation, to go over the benefits of exercising, and to get you motivated to workout.  Anytime Fitness – NK has modern and highly functioning cardio machines such as exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals.  The strength section includes machines and a functional training area.  A modern approach to the aerobics studio includes a gorgeous, private training studio with tons of programming options via the Wellbeats Virtual Solutions console.  The staff, especially the owners, welcome you and encourage you and motivate you to a healthier you.  It was a great visit and I can’t wait to go back in and workout.

To learn more about Anytime Fitness – NK, go to their official website by clicking this link – Anytime Fitness – NK.  You can reach them at 401-287-2614 to schedule a visit, like I did, get a tour and learn more about membership rates.

Anytime Fitness – NK

1051 Ten Rod Rd.

North Kingstown, RI 02852



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