The Tuff Stuff Home Gym – Apollo 250 With Leg Press

Before my career a consultant in the used commercial fitness equipment industry, I worked for a major fitness equipment company named Gym Source.  Gym Source has both commercial and retail sales, with retails stores through the United States.  I worked in several stores here in the Northeast which catered to home fitness solutions such as compact treadmills, ellipticals, and strength equipment.  One of the most popular and consistently well positioned manufacturers was Tuff Stuff.

tuff ap 250

To my knowledge, Gym Source is still carrying Tuff Stuff.  Tuff Stuff is still making quality fitness equipment for home and for commercial use.  One example of a strength machine that can be used in a home or specialty fitness setting is the Tuff Stuff Apollo 250.  The photo shown is a pre-owned Tuff Stuff unit that I am currently selling.  Here are some of the great features of this machine.

The Tuff Stuff Apollo 250 features a compact design and multiple user stations.  There are two selectorized weight stacks.  Each weight stack goes up to 200 lbs.  The weight stack provides resistance for the user when they push or pull the various handles, press arms, and accessories of this machine.  The weight stacks operate through a series of cables and pulleys, which give the user a smooth and efficient and safe workout session.

tuff ap 250b

The leg station features two exercises – leg extension and seated leg curl.  There is a rotating arm to change the range of motion from the leg extension movement (towards the floor extending upward) to the seated leg curl movement (legs straight out, then pulling downward toward the floor).  This station has an adjustable back pad and locking thigh pad to help customize the positioning of the user during the leg extension or curl movements.

tuff ap 250c

The leg press and calf raise station is also designed to work the legs.  There is an adjustable back pad which helps customize your positioning.  This is important for both short and tall users – proper positioning will help you get the most out of these exercises.  There is a large press plate for the leg press or calf press exercise.

tuff ap 250a

The middle section of the Tuff Stuff Apollo 250 has a ton of exercise options.  There is a high pulley which you can attach a lat pulldown bar, triceps bar, or other accessories for exercises such as pulldowns, triceps extensions, and more.  There is an adjustable press arm for a number of exercises – rowing, chest press, incline press, even a shoulder press movement.  There is an adjustable back/chest pad as well as seat pad to help customize the positioning of the user.  By changing the position of the back/chest pad, you can help keep your body in proper alignment, especially your lower back.  There are two swivel arms for a chest fly or rear deltoid movement.  Toward the middle section of the frame, there is a mid pulley.  You can use this mid pulley with a number of accessories for exercises such as abdominal crunches, single arm chest flies, and more.  Toward the bottom of the frame, there is a low pulley with a press plate.  You can use a number of attachments on this low pulley for exercises such as arm curls, upright rows, and inner/outer thigh movements.

tuff ap 250h

This particular strength training machine is designed for home fitness settings or specialty fitness centers.  Specialty fitness centers include places such as hotel gyms, personal training studios, teen centers, and other multi-use facilities that average 10 or fewer users a day.  It comes with a poster showing the various exercise options.  In addition, there are a number of machine attachments such as a lat pulldown bar, abdominal straps, close grip bar, straight bar, and more that come with it.  The unit stands just under 84″ or 7′ in height, which makes it ideal for a basement in a home gym setting.  It has a white frame with silver pads and is in good, functional condition.

tuff ap 250d

This Tuff Stuff Apollo 250 with leg press is a great strength training gym.   It has plenty of exercise options for lower body, upper body, core fitness strength and conditioning.  It comes with a number of machine attachments and a useful poster on some exercise options.  For more information on this Tuff Stuff Apollo 250 with leg press, contact me at  Or simply fill out the contact form provided and I will get back to you with more information.




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