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After graduating from Springfield College in 1994, I took a job at a YMCA in Woburn, MA. This YMCA job was my first experience in the health and fitness industry.  Part of my daily responsibilities included instruction on the Nautilus strength training machines.  The circuit included exercises for legs, chest, back, arms, abdominals, and lower back strength and conditioning.  The pieces were commercially built, easy to use and operate, and very effective for strength and conditioning the members.


Fast forward to today.  I am a resource in the health and fitness industry for used or pre-owned commercial fitness equipment.  I was recently introduced to a health club in Maine that has the exact same circuit I trained members on back in the 1990’s.  This circuit is part of the Nautilus 1st Generation Series, which features a wide range of machines for strength and conditioning.


Unlike modern strength training systems, the Nautilus 1st Generation series works off a chain and sprocket pulley system.  This system flows through the machine when you push or pull against the resistance of the selectorized weight stack.  Most modern machines have either a Kevlar belt or cable through a pulley system.  This unique design and feel is part of what makes the Nautilus 1st Generation series so popular, even 30 plus years after it was introduced.


A large portion of Nautilus equipment was designed by renowned fitness equipment guru Arthur Jones.  Jones created exercise machines for Nautilus that were commercially sound, ergonomically correct, and stylish.  There are traditional machines for exercises such as arm curls, shoulder press, and leg extension.  And Jones invented other less traditional type machines such as the double chest, hip and back, and duo squat.  His designs were way ahead of his time and his peers during the infancy of the fitness equipment industry.  The fact that these machines are still in operation in clubs and fitness centers worldwide speaks to the quality and durability of Arthur Jones’ vision for Nautilus.


If you are in the market for a quality circuit of strength equipment, check out this 16 piece circuit of used Nautilus 1st Generation machines.  Included in the set are machines for legs, arms, chest, back, abdominals, lower back, and shoulders.  Each machine has a selectorized weight stack with light to heavy weight – enough to satisfy all levels of fitness.  Each machine has machine adjustments such as seat, chest, back or lower leg pad adjustments.  Each machine is commercially built to last in a full capacity health club, fitness center, university gym, or perhaps in a home fitness setting.  You can click on this link – Nautilus Circuit – to be directed to my ebay store for further details and pricing.  If you would like more information on this circuit, including photos, detailed list of the machines, and availability please contact me at  Or simply fill out this contact form and I will get back to you with information.



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