Shopping, Ferries, Senor Frog’s – All In Playa Del Carmen

My aunt Kathy has been a member of the Palace Resorts group for close to 3 decades.  One of the incredible perks of her membership is free transportation from your hotel to another Palace Resorts property.  So you could have lunch at one hotel one day and enjoy an afternoon by the pool at a different hotel the next day.  Through my aunt’s membership, Rachel and I stayed in Cancun at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun.  And through my aunt’s membership, Rachel and I were able to visit other Palace Resorts properties in Cancun as well as Playa Del Carmen.   One morning, we decided to board the free transportation to Playa Del Carmen, a 45 minute bus ride south of Cancun.


After departing the bus at Playacar Palace, Rachel and I decided to check out the local markets, merchant center, and souvenir shops in Playa Del Carmen.   Just off the property of Playacar Palace was a familiar restaurant, Senor Frog’s.  Senor Frog’s was literally right on the beach and had a deck facing the Caribbean Sea.  There were chairs with umbrellas on the beach in front of the restaurant and plenty of seating inside the bar.  Beach goers were playing volleyball, there were jet ski rentals, and ski dive signups.  A house band was playing lively music and the bar was filled with locals and tourists.


In Playa Del Carmen, there are a number of ferries to take you, your family, or your group to the island of Cozumel.  You can see the ferries come and go from the beach area of Playacar Palace.  Just outside Senor Frog’s, there are a number of ferry kiosks and information terminals to set up your trip to Cozumel.  I even saw an advertisement for a trip to Cuba.  As with the majority of stores, restaurants, and transportation areas, signage and information was presented clearly in both English and Spanish.  This made it really easy to find schedules, transportation costs, and see what was available for tours and excursions in and around Playa Del Carmen.

playa-del-carmen7 playa-del-carmen6

The market area of Playa Del Carmen was busy with street vendors, cafes, bars, souvenir shops, and a nice mix of locals and tourists.  Rachel and I walked through the Parque Los Fundadores, which translates into the Founder’s Park.  The park featured a number of benches with people playing chess and checkers, a gorgeous ocean themed sculpture overlooking the beach, and a playground set for kids.  It was clean and interesting and lively.  Just outside the park was the main street of merchants, 5th Avenue.


On 5th Avenue, we found the ultimate souvenir shop corridor.  We stopped in at Senor Frog’s to pick up some gifts for family.  In clear view, we could see familiar stores like Nike, Old Navy, Starbucks, Tag Heuer, even Krispy Creme.  Up the avenue a bit was Harley Davidson, Under Armour, and Pandora. And, there were a number of local shops selling sunglasses, Panama Jack hats, local Mayan jewelry, cigars, luggage, you name it.  This 5th Avenue market place was incredible for shopping opportunities.


Thanks to the free transportation which is included in my aunt’s membership at the Palace Resorts, Rachel and I got to experience Playa Del Carmen.  The beach was just gorgeous.  The views of the Caribbean Sea were just breathtaking.  The shopping area of 5th Avenue was really interesting because of the blend of US companies along with local Mexican shoppes.  There was something for everyone on 5th Avenue.  We were able to get some gifts for the family.  And experience the beauty and culture of Playa Del Carmen.  Just a spectacular day all around.

The North Kingstown Marketing Company is proud to promote the Palace Resorts group.  Stay tuned for more articles about the resort, its incredible amenities, restaurants, and staff.  To find out more about the Palace Resorts in Mexico or Jamaica, please contact me for more information.



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