Local North Kingstown Resident Harriet “Gidget” Loomis Invents The CloudCush Mouse Cushion

Most people prior to the computer age would shriek at the sound and sight of a mouse.  After a bit of research, I discovered that the first prototype of a computer mouse was in the late 1960’s by a man named Douglas Engelbart.  The computer mouse was later made popular in the 1980’s via Apple Computer.  A computer mouse originally had a cord that connected it, the mouse, to the computer, giving it the appearance of a small rodent, also known as a mouse.  Computer mouses (or maybe its mice) can now be either wireless or with a cord and are a standard piece of hardware that comes with any personal or business computer.  There is a huge portion of the population who use mobile devices and touch screen tablets that require just your fingers or Stylus pen to move around the screen. Still, most people know how to use a computer mouse, for not only business applications but also personal computers.

align pro solutions

I recently met a local inventor who has a very interesting product that relates to the computer mouse. Gidget Loomis, a former Anatomy and Physiology teacher and present owner of a small custom sail repair and canvas business, created the CloudCush.  Loomis mentioned to me and is quoted on her website –www.alignprosolutions.com – that “her creation of CloudCush™ happened quite by accident.”    You can read more about the owner and inventor of the CloudCush by clicking this link.

align pro solutions

The CloudCush is a “uniquely contoured computer mouse cushion” that is designed to help eliminate the pressure on the central nerves of the wrist while using a computer mouse.  When the hand lays on the computer mouse, and the wrist on a hard desktop for hours, it can cause strain and stress, compressing nerves and tendons of the wrist and potentially leads some to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The CloudCush is a cushioned pad that Velcros onto the back edge of the computer mouse.  This patented design allows your hand to rest on the cushy sides of the CloudCush , with no pressure down the middle.  You move the mouse with more of your shoulder and arm muscles.  Your hand, mouse and cushion move effortlessly in unison.  You can move the mouse as free and easily as before, just without the stress and strain on this area of your hand, more commonly referred to as your carpal tunnel.

CloudCush can be used to deal with existing pain, as a preventative, or during post-surgical recovery.  Parents are buying them for kids, for gaming.  Hand therapists love it. CloudCush comes in large (man’s hand or med/large ladies hand), or small  (small woman or child’s hand).   We offer colors such as Black, Navy, Red, or Royal Blue.  The CloudCush retails for $24.97 and is available through Gidget Loomis’ website at www.alignprosolutions.com.  Here is a short instructional video on how it works:


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